Sunday, January 18, 2009

For the Gamblers Among Us...

I’ve been saying this for a few weeks, so I’ll put it in writing before today’s games for any bettors out there (I don’t bet on games myself).

I believe this is the Cardinals' year and I was pulling for the Giants early on. They were the team I most didn't want the Giants to have to face, although the Eagles were also hotter than the Giants, coming into the playoffs and outplayed the Gints last week.

But this is setting up as a historic “Bird Year.”

The Cardinals are this year’s Giants – everybody’s underdog.

They beat the Falcons last week, they need (and I believe WILL) beat the Eagles this week and that SHOULD set up a Cardinals vs Ravens Super Bowl! Cardinals over the Ravens in the Bird Bowl.

Bird is the word.

It’s either that or an old school Eagles/Steelers matchup, but I’m thinking – BIRDS!
So get your bets in early, you inveterate gamblers.
Apologies to GeeeZ for yet another "football post."


BB-Idaho said...

I'd like to see the Cards take it all.

JMK said...

I would too and with the second longest championship draught in sports, behind the MLBB Chicago Cubs, they have to be everyone's favorite underdog.

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