Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Why is THIS Even a Controversy???

Yesterday (Tuesday, September 9th, 2008) the Miami Herald repored that this election, Floridians will be required to have their identification match up with a state or federal database in order to register to vote.

The new law was brought in-line with court demands for a more flexible system and this new law does that.


heidianne jackson said...

it's news because it gives the libs a platform to whine on.

WomanHonorThyself said...

How was your day my friend?Just got home from Ground Zero..will post about it soon..blessings to u. :)..its been a rough day.........

Attorneymom said...

Am I missing something?? I see not problem with requiring voters to have proper identification in order to cast their votes.

Attorneymom said...
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JMK said...

You're 100% right Heidianne, although, in this case, we should all be cheering this "controversy."

JMK said...

Hi Angel!

My day was hectic because I had an 8-hour CFR-D class in the afternoon, after the morning Memorials.

It's always a rough day...and will probably always be.

JMK said...

Nor do I, AttorneyMom (AM).

I WOULD if it could be shown that it was deliberately impacting the elderly or the poor or minority groups, but again, the operative word is "DELIBERATELY."

Anything that requires mobility might negatively impact the elderly, for instance, BUT if the end result is better accountability for all, and some assitance is offered those elderly voters (as is done in almost every locale) I see no reason to use that as an excuse not to move forward with greater accountability all around.

I'm equally concerned with the possibility of voting irreularities with the new electronic voting mechanisms and any positive things (like paper receipts) done in relation to that would be welcome as well.

Voter fraud is EVERYBODY'S problem and any fraud serves to undermine any election.

Thanks for stopping by and commenting....your input is always appreciated, whether we agree or not. You're fair-minded and thoughtful and you always make me think about things a second time.

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