Wednesday, September 24, 2008

What Did Carla Fiorina Say That Was Wrong?...

I meant to mention awhile ago, but the financial meltdown hit directly after Carla Fiorina spoke the truth, so I’m just getting around to it now.

OK, so just before the Fannie and Freddie-induced meltdown Carla Fiorina said what every sensible American already knew, that NONE of the politicians who serve in Washington could run a major Corporation.

It was as arrogant when Guiliani said that top City executives in new York should be paid more as they have the same responsibilities of their corporate counterparts (CEOs, CFOs and COO’s), as when the likes of Chris Dodd and Joe Biden say it today.

Carla Fiorina WAS and remains right, there isn’t an elected official in Washington (and there are some very nice and certainly very smart and capable people in D.C.) who could run a major corporation – if any of them COULD, it goes without question that they’d have taken their chances in the boardroom rather than spending their time winning popularity contests.

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