Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Remebering the Late, Great Milton Friedman - Here With Phil Donahue on Greed

This is the GREAT Milton Friedman, at his best, a brilliant, charming and very eloquent spokesman for the free market. Perhaps one of the most brilliant lights of the 20th Century.


Anonymous said...


thanks, jim


JMK said...

Hi Alvaro!

Milton Friedman had a showman's personality, coupled with professorial knowledge and wisdom.

He was a grea advocate of LIBERTY (self-ownership and individual responsibility) and proved that economic liberty (the market-based economy) is the foundation for all other forms of liberty/freedom.

RightDemocrat said...

I tend to have a different outlook on economic matters than Friedman but he did have one very good idea. Friedman's proposal to create vouchers for students enrolled in private schools was really a very progressive idea. The notion that poor kids get a chance to have a decent education rather than being forced into failing public schools is really a very egalitarian concept.

JMK said...

I tend to revere Milton Friedman, almost as much as I revile socialism/collectivism.

I think America's Founding design, rooted as it is in private property rights, free markets and limited government is, not only the greatest experiment in human liberty ever set up, but also the pathway to the MOST prosperity for the GREATEST number.

We don't have to agree on every point, I'm glad their are socially Conservative Democrats like you out there....it's heartening.

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