Friday, June 13, 2008

Why The Winner’s Party in 2008 May Wind up a Loser...

I’ve said this for some time now, that I fear a McCain win might only serve to have the GOP share in the misfortunes brought about by a Democratic Congress.

Recently more a number of national columnists have voiced similar concerns.

Last month, Illinois political columnist Russ Stewart argued that the 2008 winner, regardless of Party, will face such intractable problems that he’ll almost certainly be a one-termer, damaging his own Party over the next four years and very possibly turning Congress over to the opposition in 2010 and probably surrendering the White House in 2012.

I agree and I acknowledge that many, in fact MOST of the coming, even current problems have little if anything to do with who the President is.

I won’t acknowledge that should a Liberal occupy the White House of course, in fact, I’ll join everyone else in heaping scorn and derision on the “failed policies” of the Liberals.

Not that an Obama administration would be blameless, certainly NOT to the level that a McCain administration WOULD BE. After all, it’s the Democratic Congress that’s poised to let the Bush tax cuts expire and even raise other taxes, a move almost certainly destined to REDUCE government revenues as those taxpayers with more disposable income seek to avoid the tax bite via deferring more of their income tax-deferred, and since the top 10% of income earners (those with the MOST disposable income) already pay 80% all income taxes, it’s only logical that tax revenues would go down as those people defer more of their income.

Couple that DECREASE in revenues with more social spending and a return to ignoring the war on terror and you have a prescription for disaster borne of Liberal policies!

The questions facing Conservatives are, “Do we want McCain to simply share the blame for the coming economic malaise with the Democrats? Is the issue of Supreme Court justices worth the possibility of having the more Conservative GOP blamed for Liberal Democrat failures?

Those are questions that can only be answered individually.

This is what I KNOW:

The Democrats already control Congress and almost certainly will continue to control Congress next January.

That Congress is set to let the Bush across the board tax cuts expire.

Those tax hikes, coupled with reckless Liberal social spending will almost certainly hasten and deepen the coming economic hard times that are being brought on by forces beyond our control (rising global inflation, a spiraling demand for oil, etc.).

There’s no question that the Party that occupies the White House takes the blame, so I have to wonder what purpose a McCain Presidency might serve other than to share the blame for the coming economic misery.

Asia is already looking at rampant inflation that threatens to spread globally. World demand for oil continues to escalate amidst a relatively stagnant supply. The Liberal’s hiking taxes and thereby decreasing revenues and investment, will only hasten and deepen any economic misery.

I have to consider whether a one-term Obama, disgraced as “the second coming of Jimmy Carter” and alienating another generation of voters to Liberalism, isn’t a better, or at least preferable scenario than having a Liberal Republican (John McCain) disgrace the GOP by “sharing the blame” for the failed Liberal policies to come with the Liberal Democrats.

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