Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Is It Even Remotely Possible?...

...That the Clinton’s and their minions stop kicking their own collective asses?

Well, it seems unlikely, to say the least.

What ever happened to all that Clinton Teflon?

Must have went the way of “the Teflon Don’s,” which disappeared after he was convicted. The Clinton’s has seemed to disappear after Bill left office.

At any rate, the most recent was a rant, the other day, by Clinton staffer, Harriet Christian who called Barack Obama, among other things, an “inadequate black man.”

WoW! The hits just keep on coming from the Clinton camp, but somehow, we’re told that despite all this partisan passion within the Democratic Party and polls showing that a full 29% of Clinton supporters would vote for McCain over Obama, the Democrats will eventually “come together.”

Oh, I hope not. I mean, they’re just so cute at this age!


Mick Brady said...

"Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned."

In light of that fact, one can only imagine what it's like behind closed doors at the Clinton campaign headquarters these days. I would imagine Queen Elizabeth would react with more decorum if she were stripped of her crown.

Now that you mention it, though, and especially now that there's little or no chance of them ever trashing the White House again, they are lookin' kinda cute these days. :)

JMK said...

It's certainly been an "identity politics" Primary for the Dems, which is what they deserve, having been the Party of identity politics for so long.

Some have even gushed, "No matter what, we're going to see either a black (race), a woman (gender) or an oldster (age) President come November."


What next?

Will the Dems nominate an ILLEGAL alien in 2012?

Couldn't hoit!

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