Monday, May 19, 2008

Wishing on a Very Merry SPITZMAS...

I think I’ve made clear in previous posts that New York’s former Governor and “Anti-business Crusader-in-Chief” Eliot Spitzer is a scumbag of monumental proportions, but just in case I haven’t, let me reiterate that point again – Eliot Spitzer is not only a freak, but a fake, phony, fraud!

Just as it looks like Hank Greenberg (who made AIG into the Insurance giant that it is) is considering suing Spitzer over a number of now demonstrably false charges, including a fraud charge, Mr. Spitzer used to extort money ($1.6 BILLION) and Mr. Greenberg’s severance from the Board of AIG, that has now evaporated, a former New York State Police Inspector (Gary Berwick), who served on the Governor’s security detail, hung himself Thursday, May 15th, leaving behind a crushed family and a suicide note that mentioned Spitzer’s Troopergate (using NY State Troopers to spy on political enemies) and NY State Trooper’s part in protecting Governor Spitzer during his many trysts with high-priced prostitutes as among the reasons for his suicide.

For my money, Eliot Spitzer is at least partially responsible for Gary Berwick’s suicide.
Now, I’m not much of a champagne drinker, but should Eliot Spitzer get charged and convicted (as he SHOULD) of a number of charges related to his prosecutorial misconduct (dating back to his time as NY State AG) and both Troopergate and using both taxpayer funded rooms and a taxpayer funded State Police security detail during his many illicit and illegal trysts, I’ll be among the first to pop the cork!

Eliot Spitzer bunking with “Tiny” the Biker and Jamal the gang-banger in Dannemora (a place he liked to threaten others with) would make for a very Merry Spitzmas for JMK!


WomanHonorThyself said...

dont even remind in NYC its sooooooooooo depressing..Patterson doesnt seem too much better my friend!!!

JMK said...

I know, I'm in NYC too!

One of the problems with NYC is the inordinate power its Municipal Unions weild.

And I say that having worked for the FDNY for over 22 years. NYC is mired in old 19th Century Liberalism and it rivals New Jersey and Connecticut as one of the most politically corrupt states in the nation!

I fear that it will ultimately take a very near economic colapse for NYC to change its ways.

Although it had that back in 1975 and that "near death experience" didn't really change the basic culture of political corruption much at all.

JMK said...
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heidianne jackson said...

my favorite bubbly would seem to be a perfect bottle should that fine event come to fruition: veuve cliquot, brut. cheers!

but it's all rather overwhelming, isn't it?

heidianne jackson

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