Monday, May 19, 2008

Why Do Liberals Hate Our Freedoms So Much?

Among the very vital keys to “individual freedom,” defined by America’s Founders, NOT as “doing what we please,” but as “the grinding complete responsibility for ourselves,” are private property rights, a market-based economic model, the right to free expression, the right to defend your person and your property, with violence where necessary, equality before the law (the ONLY form of “equality” acknowledged in America’s Constitution), and equal access to opportunity – the right to compete against all comers on the SAME set of standards.

That last key has, as have some of the others, long been under attack by an assortment of kooks, misfits and weirdoes on the political Left.

But “equal opportunity” and true Civil Rights have had a tireless champion over the past two decades – his name is Ward Connerly.

In 2006 his MCRI (Michigan Civil Rights Initiative) which barred any race or gender based preferences in either College or job admissions, demanding, as mandated by the Constitution a completely race-neutral approach to opportunity.

The MCRI passed by nearly 58% to 42% majority despite having had expensive campaigns run against it.

In 2008, Mr. Connerly targetd five more states – Oklahoma, Missouri, Colorado, Arizona and Nebraska. Oklahoma’s tough qualifying laws have temporarily eliminated that state from the 2008 mix and in Missouri, Robin Carnahan, the Democratic Secretary of State tried to rewrite the Ballot in language Connerly’s group called “hostile to its support.”

A judge has ruled in favor of Connerly’s American Civil Rights Institute, but the delay has kept the initiative from making the cutoff date.

At the moment, the Colorado Civil Rights Initiative, the Arizona Civil Rights Initiative and the Nebraska Civil Rights Initiative are all slated for the ballot this Fall!

Ironically enough, the opponents of Ward Connerly’s race neutral Civil Rights Initiatives have had to resort to trying to keep such initiatives off the Ballot, as even in predominantly Blue (Liberal) states, like Michigan, the overwhelming majority of people seem to support true “equal opportunity,” with a race-neutral component.

For Leftists who always pretend to support “democracy,” that’s highly UNDEMOCRATIC of them!

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