Friday, May 16, 2008

The Trinity of Hell

OK, I don't know what to make of all this, EXCEPT that (1) it's one of the f*cking FUNNIEST things I've ever seen on the internet and (2) it makes me kinda glad I gave up organized religion long ago. Of course, I'm hoping he DOESN'T do my bio next. Still, "Barack and Jerremiah are gay lovers!!!!"....and it's all true, check it out!


Seane-Anna said...

I don't quite know what to make of this either, JMK.

JMK said...

It's pretty weird and I found it hilarious, even though I think he was being serious....which makes it even funnier.

The "Jerremiah Wright and barack Obama are gay lovers bit" was pretty out there, although he'd already kind of set it off with calling Oprah a whore.

Bruce said...

I must say this Reverend "Ain't No Reverend" I would want to hear. He sounds like he is a conspiracy theorist.

And if you believe Barack Obama and Reverend Wright are gay lovers I have a Wonderful bridge to sell you.

Good Grief. Wake up and smell the coffee please.

JMK said...

You NEVER read ME say "Wright and Obama are gay lovers," Bruce - that's what Pastor James David Manning the video, which apparently, you didn't watch.

My well-polished humor was lost on you?

Maybe you just "skimmed," and misunderstood the tone and tenor of the post. See, my post poked a little fun at pastor Manning's video.

I'm not only an incredibly amusing fellow, but I actually engage Liberals whenever possible.

To date, no one's made a credible argument AGAINST America's Founder's design rooted in PRIVATE PROPERTY RIGHTS, the FREE MARKET system and LIBERTY ("the grinding burden of full SELF-responsibility") as "freedom."

In that regard, I'm a lot like a hypnotist who trains people not to smoke or overeat....I help them evolve beyond a very immature and self-destructive ideology (Liberalism). Hmmmm, in that regard, I probably do people a lot more good than the hypnotists!

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