Monday, May 12, 2008

A Strange Double Standard...

Despite the very obvious fact that about forty IQ points separated Barry Goldwater from LBJ (in Barry Goldwater’s favor), Goldwater was portrayed, by Leftist dupes, as a “Right-wing stooge.”

Jerry Ford was a “bumbling dufus,” in their view, while the bumbling and disastrous Jimmy Carter was “brilliant.” Likewise, Ronald Reagan was a “fool” in the eyes of the Left, while the likes of Walter Mondale and Mike Dukakis were stellar intellects.

Yes, the Left likes to flatter itself.

While George Bush Sr., wasn’t seen as all that dumb (he was also pretty socially Liberal), his VP Dan Quayle became the poster boy for “dumb politicians,” specifically “dumb non-Leftist politicians,” for his halting speaking style and his famous faux pas of erroneously adding an “e” to potato, in correcting a grade schooler in a spelling bee in Trenton, NJ back in 1992.

Today the Left is ga-ga over Barack Obama, a “brilliant Harvard educated, politico from Chicago,” whom the Left sees as the best of hope of rescuing America from the intellectual morass of the Presidency of a man they deride as “Chimp.”

But what happens when that bubble is burst?

What happens when someone like Barack Obama makes a gaff far worse than merely adding an “e” to potato, a gaff like matter-of-factly stating that he’s been to 57 states, with “one more to go.”

I can understand a candidate not knowing the name of the new PM of Pakistan (Yousaf Raza Gilani), but not knowing how many states are in the United States of America?! Yikes! Most fourth graders know THAT!

No wonder Barack Obama doesn’t like wearing a flag pin on his lapel, it seems he knows so little about this country!

So what does the Left do?

If you guessed, “Ignore it,” you’re 100% right!

Still, this has been all over the internet, and it IS pretty amusing!....albeit in a very dumb kind of way.

The fact is that most politicians aren’t really dumb. Both Dan Quayle and Barack Obama are lawyers. Both apparently passed the Bar Exam in at least one state, and perhaps more. None of these guys are “dumb” by any stretch of the imagination.

Some of them ARE however disconnected from what most regular Americans would consider the basic realities of everyday life. These are men as spoiled and pampered as any Big League athlete, only they lack the requisite athletic skills that earned that spoiling and pampering today’s pro athletes get.

A pretty sweet deal huh?

Who’d have thought that you didn’t have to throw 100 mph or hit a baseball a country mile, or be able to knock 250 pound running-backs through brick walls to get the perks that pro-athletes get?

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