Sunday, May 11, 2008

A Sad Day for America’s Children

On October 1st, 1997, 10 year old Jeffrey Curley (pictured) was raped and murdered by two men (Salvatore Sicari, and Jaynes, of Brockton).

That led, not only to the two men’s conviction on rape and murder charges, but to a Civil Case against NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association, a pro-pedarist organization).

According to the Boston Globe, “Lawyers for Robert and Barbara Curley filed papers Tuesday in US District Court in Boston ending their wrongful death and civil rights lawsuit against the North American Man/Boy Love Association and 18 reputed members after almost eight years of litigation.

“Robert Curley said his lawyer recently told him that the plaintiffs had only one witness prepared to testify that the association somehow spurred Charles Jaynes, one of the boy's convicted killers, to commit rape and murder on Oct. 1, 1997. A judge ruled that the witness was not competent to testify, Curley said.

"That was the only link we were counting on," said Curley, a 51-year-old mechanic at the Cambridge Fire Department. "When they ruled that out, that was the end of the line."

Under the pretenses of promising Curley a new bike, the two men lured ten year old Jeffrey into their car. When Charles Jaynes made sexual advances toward the boy, Jeffrey fought back in a struggle that authorities claim lasted around 20 minutes in the back seat of the car. Jaynes finally subdued and smothered Curley, stuffing a gasoline-soaked rag into his face.

The child's body was sexually assaulted in Jaynes's apartment in Manchester, N.H., before he and Sicari placed their victim in a 50-gallon plastic container, filed it with lime and concrete, and dumped it in a river in southern Maine.

Both men were convicted of murder charges and are serving life sentences.

The First Amendment only protects an individual or entity from government censure, it does not necessarily protect one from the reactions of others. Many controversial speakers have been fired for making controversial remarks by corporations rightfully concerned about their bottom-lines.

Many legal reformers have advanced the view that the criminal and civil protections the law provides can be removed due to “special circumstance.” That is, those in the commission of a felony can have their legal standing placed in a sort of limbo, at least during that act, so that, in effect, a robber caught breaking and entering into a home and shot and paralyzed by the homeowner, would be unable to sue the homeowner civilly and see the state unable to charge that homeowner with ANY crime, even if that homeowner had violated other laws during that act.

The same standard could easily be applied to such groups. For instance, so long as NAMBLA was distributing information about how best to commit a crime (pedophilia), they would NOT enjoy any legal protections. That is, they could not sue anyone for committing any damages against them, while the state could not bring criminal charges against anyone who committed a crime against that organization while it was engaged in distributing pro-pedophilia information.

Yes, THAT would indeed be a better world. A far better world for the Jeffrey Curley's of this world!

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