Sunday, May 18, 2008

A Hillary Pity Party at the AP


Oh, this has GOT to be the headline of the year (at least, so far) – “When Can a Woman Become President?” as the Associated Press supposedly shares the laments of women across the country “crushed” by Hillary Clinton’s loss to Barack Obama.

It’s not hard to see the alternate headline, had things broken Mrs. Clinton’s way, “When Can an African-American Become President?”

And they wonder why most Americans feel the mainstream media (MSM) is out of touch! Here's a snippet of that AP story;

If not now, when can a woman be president?

“As Clinton's prospects sink in the Democratic race, Heintzman and many women like her are feeling the poignant letdown of seeing the first woman with a strong chance at the presidency fall short.

"It would hurt my feelings a lot because I think she should be No. 1, she should be president," Heintzman said of Clinton's likely loss to Barack Obama. "Give a woman a chance to do something good."

“From young feminist activists to the grandmothers who embrace Clinton along the rope line at her campaign events, many women who voted in large numbers for the former first lady during the primaries have begun mourning the turn of events. They know their dream of electing a female president this year probably will not come to pass — and wonder when it ever will.”

So, when can a woman become President?”

How about when she’s the best her own Party??? Hillary's not even THAT!

Hillary Clinton lost because Barack Obama, as they used to say in the Catskills, “Schneidered her.” Obama has more charisma, a better speaking style and none of Hillary’s vaunted high negatives, nor any of the Clinton legacy to overcome.

When can a woman become President?

How about when one’s able to win an election on her own merits?!

How about that?!


Violence Worker said...

First off, prove she is a woman!

Seriously, she's been playing every card in the liberal deck. She is now using the "I am woman" card The problem with a Democrat deck is that it's all one suit - Victim!


JMK said...

Yes, "victimology" is the Liberal game, VW.

And it works on those who feel "entitled"....entitled to what others produce, entitled to "help" from the government, entitled to things that must be earned.

That's why victimology is such a poisonous and divisive mindset.

WomanHonorThyself said...

So, when can a woman become President?”

How about when she’s the best her own Party??? Hillary's not even THAT!..EXACTLY!!!..come see my latest post if ya can JMK...please!

JMK said...

Will do, Angel.

Headlines like these are just more proof that too many in the MSM share the same twisted ideology that most far-Left Libs do - "identity politics."

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