Monday, May 26, 2008

For Those Who CLAIM to Support Democracy...

...Why is it primarily Conservatives who are championing the plight of Abdulkarim al-Khaiwani (pictured), one of Yemen’s foremost democracy advocates, something he’s facing the ultimate penalty for.

Leftists and America’s MSM (same thing) have barley noticed that al-Khaiwani faces death in Yemen under the tyrannical Islamofascist regime of Ali Abdullah Saleh.

According to supporters, al-Khaiwani was beaten and his six year old daughter was knocked unconscious during his June of 2007 arrest. While released on bail in August, Al-Khaiwani was kidnapped and tortured by thugs who threatened his life if he continued to write about Yemen's president.

One supporter notes, “Mr. al-Khaiwani is everything that is antithetical to most of the Middle East today. He is anti-dictator, and anti-theocracy. He's pro-America and pro-democracy.

“And he may be executed for it.”

Hmmmm, where are all those Western Liberals/socialists who claim to revere democracy?


Rachel said...

Liberals will only support such if it becomes an embarrassment to them. I never thought that NIMBY'sm was part of the Liberal mindset until the Iraq war. If they hated Bush, surely they should hate Saddam more - he was a Pol Pot of Arabia. Yet people act like he or his inhumanity towards his fellow citizens never existed.

JMK said...

That's very odd, Rachel.

I have no trouble pointing out a number of serious shortcomings of the Bush administration - (1) not securing our borders, even after 9/11 and (2) not reining in the Congressional pork, among the most serious, but I don't understand those who oppose the WoT, as generally those who oppose it, oppose BOTH the military wars abroad AND the domestic security measures in place at home, in effect, arguing, as Michael Moore did, that "There is no terrorist threat."

I also don't get those Leftists who've assailed the current administration on spending, only to complain, often in the same breath, that he didn't spend ENOUGH on social programs and education!

It does seem to lend itself to affirming "BDS" as the only possible explanation for such incredible logical inconsistencies.

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