Monday, May 26, 2008

Do We Really Need THIS???

You just knew it, after being bombarded with RACISM, SEXISM, AGEISM, HOMOPHOBIA (how that get in there among all those “isms?”), there’d be more...after all, inventing new “isms” is a lot like finding Waldo, it gets addictive!

So now we have WEIGHT-ISM!

Are you kidding me or what!

So now “Fat’s the new black?”

Get the F*^k outta here!

So porkers and wideloads are feeling discriminated against?

So, now fat jokes are out?

There goes half my comic repertoire? OK, who am I kidding? There goes 80% of it, easy!

Still, there it is in black and white, “Yale Researchers Find Widespread Discrimination Against Overweight People.” Really?

The article states that, “Weight discrimination "occurs in employment settings and daily interpersonal relationships virtually as often as race discrimination, and in some cases even more frequently than age or gender discrimination," the researchers report in the current issue of the International Journal of Obesity.”

The authors note that, “Overweight women are twice as vulnerable as men, and discrimination strikes much earlier in their lives, the report states.”

Yeah right, so lemme get this straight, if fatty can’t get a date, it’s got to be “discrimination?!”

Are you kidding me or WHAT!?

I haven’t been this angry since I got ticketed for parking in a handicapped space with my homemade “I am handicapped...I’m psychotic” placard in the window.

It worked for Johnny Vermin in that flick Johnny Dangerously...what am I, made of f*^king obese or something?!


Violence Worker said...

Speakin' as one who could stand to lose more than a few pounds, I'm offended by fat jokes.

Hey, didja hear about the fat guy who walked away from a buffet table after just one time through? Me neither. I don't think it's ever been done!

Dang! I just offended myself. I guess I'll have to sue me.


heidianne jackson said...

well, as another one who could stand to lose a few more pounds (already lost 13 in two months)i say bring it on. if i'm overweight it's my problem. and i DO look ridiculous. no excuses, no one to blame - i stopped exercising and i didn't stop eating. my bad. i'm fixing it.

this is all so stupid.

heidianne jackson

WomanHonorThyself said...

lol..good grief!...what next..skinny jokes?..great find my friend!..pass the donuts eh? wink*

JMK said...

I think that's a common problem in America, VW & Heidianne, although morbid obesity is far less common.

While I understand that it's not good to offend others deliberately, I also believe that hypersensitivity is just as bad.

Moreover, I'd like to know how they're quantifying all this "discrimination" against heavier people.

I get the feeling that lawyers dream this kind of stuff up to keep the Civil Suits churning.

JMK said...

Yes, I'm sure we'll eventually see "skinny-discrimination" too Angel.

It kinda comes with this territory.

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