Monday, May 26, 2008

Blog of the Month May 2008 – Cynical Nation

Barry Johnson’s Cynical Nation has long been one of my all time favorite blogs. The above image is taken from a memorable entry called "Shaken Not Stirred, With a Side of Eggs."

Barry (BNJ) tends to be more Libertarian then Conservative, but holds to traditional values, gun rights, and he’s generally moderate and reasonable in his views and always diplomatic in the manner in which he communicates them.

BNJ’s pieces are a pleasure to read and his comments section can be amusing as well as rollicking at times. It’s one of the few places where actual discussions (occasionally rancorous) over the issues of the day take place.

Cynical Nation is a must read for me and I try to check in at least every other day, just to see what’s going on over there.

In a blogosphere filled with all too many boorish characters, Barry’s blog stands as a beacon to reason and thoughtfulness.

While there’s much to be said in favor of the view, “Extremism in the pursuit of Liberty is not extreme” (I LIVE by that), it is nice to see someone who consistently tries to breach the ideological divide in such a reasonable way.

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