Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Supreme Court UPHOLDS Voter Photo ID Law!

In a victory over voter fraud and a triumph of common sense and reason over emotionalism, the Supreme Court refused to strike down an Indiana law requiring government-issued photo identification at the ballot box that opponents of the law claim COULD disenfranchise minority and elderly voters at next week's primary and prompt other states to pass similar laws, voting advocates said Monday.

The measure passed by an overwhelming 2 to 1 margin - 6-3, in Monday’s ruling.

The ruling lets stand Indiana's law, which took effect in 2006 and requires voters to present a state or federal photo ID card at the ballot box, does not violate the First or 14th amendments. The court said the law served as a justifiable protection to the electoral process.

Currently, more than 20 states require some type of identification at the polls. But only Georgia and Indiana require government-issued photo IDs. That will almost definitely change with this ruling.


Rachel said...

Yeah on the supreme court for supporting our right to vote. Without legal ids it is too easy for grotesque forgeries.

JMK said...

It's amazing how widespread a problem voter fraud really is, Rachel. It seems to be treated a lot like embezzlement, in that Municipalities, like banks, don't seem to want people to realize how easy it is to flaunt the system.

Of course, I've always believed those with nefarious minds ALREADY KNOW and that's all the more reason to enact draconian and very public penalties on those who engage in those kinds of crimes that undermine the institutions we all depend upon.

Same with counterfeiting. They say the government doesn't want to publicize the crime for fear of others following suit in hopes of easy money.

Again, those with larceny on their minds ALREADY KNOW, or can easily find out HOW and that's all the more reason for a series of draconian and very public penalties for such offenders.

People who undermine the underpinnings of society should be ground up into dust....figuratively speaking, of course.

Seane-Anna said...

Yeah Supreme Court! They got one right! And thanks for making PGZ blog of the month, JMK. I really appreciate that and I'm really flattered! And I didn't know I had self-deprecating charm. :)

JMK said...

"Yeah Supreme Court! They got one right!" (Seane-Anna)
They sure did this time.
"thanks for making PGZ blog of the month, JMK. I really appreciate that and I'm really flattered! And I didn't know I had self-deprecating charm. :)" (Seane-Anna)
Your blog's consistently excellent Seane-Anna! And you have all sorts of charm....among which "self-deprecating" is only one.

Uncle Sloane said...

Wow! Thanks for the post. Chalk up one for America.

JMK said...

Hey Uncle Sloane!

Yes, chalk one up for America on this one.

Now, if we can only get E-Verify mandated in ALL FIFTY STATES!

Seane-Anna said...

"Your blog is consistently excellent, Seane-Anna! And you have all sorts of charm...among which 'self-deprecating'is only one."

Ah shucks! :)

Anonymous said...

Living in Indiana, I watched and listened to the pundits talking of how this was a good idea while the opposition said that it would just be infringing on peoples rights. I think that for once, common sense did prevail and that is something that doesn't happen often.....with our politicians.

JMK said...

I think you're right DI (Elwoodin), but any common sense, or tradionalist SC decision has to be hailed, as there have been so many poor ones.

Perhaps it shows the impact that Antonin Scalia has had on the court. He is truly one of the greatest SC Justices that's ever served on the High Court.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hello my friend...imagine that this even became a discussion!..how absurd indeed!

JMK said...

It IS absurd Angel.

I am glad that the Supreme Court got this one right and I think at least a part of this is due to the convincing powers of Antonin Scalia, perhaps the foremost Constitutional scholar to sit on that court in a very long time.

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