Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Oh Kettle, the Pot is Calling!

I saw this one awhile back, but it’s still pretty funny.

Out on Long Island, a small newspaper editor named Rick Murphy (of the Independent Newspaper Group) penned an ill-advised piece parodying Hillary Clinton’s often contentious race with Barack Obama. It’s a piece that many have assailed as rife with both racial and sexist overtones.

It was not, to be kind, one of Rick Murphy’s “finer moments.”

But among those who’re calling for Rick Murphy’s firing is none other than ultra-Liberal Alec Baldwin!

Alec F*&king Balwin?!

Come on! Haven't we had enough of this with bigots like Al ("white interloper") Sharpton excoriating other racial bigots, for offenses he's long been guilty of, himself?

As far as Alec Baldwin goes, if mean-spiritedness and demeaningly sexist comments (“thoughtless little pig” to his 12 y/o daughter) were career-ending offenses, Alec would be living under a bridge about now.


Uncle Joe said...

Didn't he promise to leave the country if Bush was elected?

JMK said...

Yes he DID!

I guess he just changed his mind.

Maybe he looked a little closer at Hugo Chavez' "Venezuelan paradise."

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