Thursday, February 28, 2008

Obama “OPPOSES NAFTA” but "SUPPORTS Free Trade"!


While an Illinois State Senator, Barry Obama had perfected one of the most duplicitous voting patterns. On numerous controversial Bills, he’d vote one way and then, immediately after the vote was cast, object, claiming he mis-cast his vote due to the wording of the Bill. Those objections all became a part of the public record.

In that way, Obama was able to take both sides of a controversial issue.

Now he seems to be taking that same strategy to his Presidential campaign. After bashing NAFTA on the campaign trail, Barack Obama, on Sunday he assured U.S. trading partners that he did not oppose free trade despite making increasingly critical comments about multilateral deals such as NAFTA.

Does that mean that he opposes NAFAT even though he really supports it?

Man that’s a LOT better than John Kerry’s “voting for the Iraq war, before voting against it.”


Uncle Joe said...

Obama is a "community organizer" and it shows. He is a little out of his league on the national level.

JMK said...

Well, I wouldn't discount or under-estimate him at this point Uncle Joe.

He has gone toe-to-toe with the Clinton machine and come out relatively unscathed, and he has, in many ways, "transcended politics," as many observers note.

He won't be easy to beat, certainly not with McCain.

I think the race will be close and I believe the best, if not ONLY way to really beat Obama is to attack his ideology. In his brief four year appearance in the Senate, he distinguised/disgraced depending upon perspective) himself as the most Liberal/Left-of-Center Senator in the country.

THAT is weakness and that should be where the focus is least in my view.

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