Friday, February 22, 2008

John Ridpath - On the Immorality of Socialism (Debate-1990)

If there were just more Libertarians like THIS! A passionate defense of Liberty (freedom), and of course, the foundation of Liberty – CAPITALISM and a clear attack on socialism, as the “anti-freedom” system.

“The moral society is not the society in which ALL behavior is moral. The moral society is the society that makes free choice possible.”

(John Ridpath)

“The only principled antidote to that (tyranny) is the establishment of a society based on the principle of individual rights. Capitalism is the ONLY alternative to these kinds of immoral social systems.”

(John Ridpath)


Uncle Joe said...

Great video! Why couldn'y I have had at least ONE professor like that in college?

JMK said...

"Why couldn't I have had at least ONE professor like that in college?" (Uncle Joe)
That is a testament to the sad state of affairs in American academia and it's been that way for eons.

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