Thursday, February 14, 2008

Hillary Leads ALL Presidential Candidates on Earmarks!!!

Everywhere and at all times, it seems, that Liberals are now-a-days decrying earmarks, along with the “excessive spending of the Bush administration.”

Well, they have certainly over-spent. There's absolutely no question about that.

But what’s the Democrat’s answer? Cutting federal programs, reducing the girth of the mammoth bureaucracy in D.C.?

Nope, they’ve decried the Bush budget over its CUTS! In short, Even though Bush has over-spent ($3.1 TRILLION this year!), we want to spend even MORE!”

And what about those dreaded earmarks? Well, it turns out that Hillary Clinton currently leads ALL Presidential candidates on that score, having sponsored 66 earmarks totaling $150 million, this year alone. Barack Obama sponsored six earmarks totaling $34 million, this year - all were for nonprofit organizations.

John McCain didn't ask for any earmarks this year.

Enough said.

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