Friday, February 15, 2008

E-Verify Makes Border Enforcement Free and Easy!

A new tool in the war against ILLEGAL immigration may be turning the tide in this all important fight.

On Jan. 1, Arizona became the first state to require all employers to confirm each worker's legal status via the federal "E-Verify" system. It survived a federal court challenge last Thursday (February 7, 2008) and the new law now promises to transform the immigration crisis in America.

After just six weeks, Arizona's system is already working: Newspapers in the state report that illegals are self-deporting by the thousands. Apartment complexes in Phoenix and Tucson confirm that thousands of tenants have skipped town. Many are returning across the border to Mexico.

This Arizona success is proof that attrition through enforcement works and other states are taking notice.

E-Verify is a free program and it’s easy to use. The employer simply types in the employee's name, date of birth and Social Security number (or taxpayer ID number), of the prospective employee and gets an answer back from the government in seconds.

More than 20,000 businesses nationwide were using E-Verify voluntarily before Jan. 1. Now Arizona's 145,000 businesses are obliged to join their ranks.

According to Kris W. Kobach (Professor of Law at the University of Missouri), "All this debunks the common claim that America has only two choices - either round up all illegals and send them home; or unjustly grant amnesty to millions of lawbreakers (thereby virtually begging millions more to break the law in the future).

"In Arizona, illegals began exiting the state on Jan. 1 - even though no county attorney there is set to take any enforcement action until after March 1. No government official has yet done a thing, all it took was a credible threat of enforcement. "

As I’ve long advocated, “Go after the illicit employers, fine those who hire “undocumented workers,” and workers “off-the-books,” and force them to use tools like E-Verify and the illicit, magnet jobs will dry up...and once those illicit jobs dry up, the illegals will simply self-deport.”

Arizona seems to be proving that viewpoint out.


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