Friday, February 15, 2008

Anglican Leader Loves Him Some Sharia

Is Rowan Williams (a/k/a “The Archbishop of Canterbury”) the stupidest Brit on Earth?

OK, with the likes of Robert Fisk and George Galloway running around, that’s no easy question to answer, BUT Rowan Williams is surely in the running.

Recently Rowan...the Archbishop, came out and virtually endorsed a separate and distinct set of Muslim (Sharia) courts in England.

He’s since been “horrified” by the reaction of all those British folks who were themselves horrified by the Archbishop’s horrifying remarks!

Head of England’s Anglican Church Supports Sharia Courts

“Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams is meeting with the Anglican Church’s general synod today, and is expected to face calls for him to quit over his sharia remarks.

“He’s said to be “horrified” by the reaction to his saying that perhaps it’s time to let sharia become a parallel legal system in Britain. He’s evidently more horrified for being criticized than he is at the prospect of sharia becoming one of the laws of his land.”

After earlier stating that the introduction of a separate Sharia court was “unavoidable" within England, on Monday (February 11th, 2008) he softened his stance a bit saying, Islamic law should apply in Britain “if - and please note that word - this were thought to be a useful direction in which to move".

He has not apologized for his remarks, insisting he was right, but he has apologized for being unclear in those remarks that caused such controversy.

On Monday, February 11th, he added, "We are not talking about parallel jurisdictions; and I tried to make clear that there could be no blank cheques in this regard, in particular as regards some of the sensitive questions about the status and liberties of women.

"The law of the land still guarantees for all the basic components of human dignity. So the question remains of whether certain additional choices could and should be made available under the law of the United Kingdom for resolving disputes and regulating transactions."

So, why does any of that make the diplomatic and ultra-tolerant Rowan Williams one of the stupidest men in all of England?

Well, there’s THIS (From the UK Independent);

“A Question of Honour: Police say 17,000 Women are Victims Every Year.”

That’s correct, an estimated 17,000 women IN England are victims of various “Honor Crimes” each year!

You see the logic here?

So-called “radical Muslims,” those who practice strict Sharia-based Islam are completely intolerant of ALL others. Their views and value-system are entirely and in whole, incompatible with Western values, thus they tend to wreak havoc wherever they go, in the West, and yet, "Liberal" (is that a euphemism for stupid) Westerners think a welcoming smile is the answer. And why not? It's their answer to everything.

Intelligent Westerners acknowledge that reality and want the Muslims already there EXPELLED. Those who do not understand that basic reality (the “terminally stupid”) want to embrace and welcome the “radicals” and give them their own Sharia courts, airport footbaths, and things like that.

With the likes of Bob Fisk, Mike Moore, George Galloway, Sean Penn and Rowan Williams, it would seem that the West has nearly as many internal enemies as external!


Sloane said...

His comments are the natural result of political correctness and multicultural extremism. The guy feels so good about how open minded that he is that he didn't notice that his brain fell out of that big open minded hole in his head.

JMK said...

I LOVE people who are so willing, even eager to embrace others who make no bones about the fact that they'd love nothing better than to stone death the "Infidels" who embrace them.

Islamo-nazis respond much better to getting their collective asses kicked.....I think they're closet masochists or something.

But while they take "kindness for weakness," they take snarling aggression as....well, they take it much more peacably, that's for sure.

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