Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Some Early GOOD News From the Primary Season

After yesterday’s (Tuesday 1/29/08) Florida Primary, we seem to be down to the Final Four, and that’s definitely GOOD NEWS on both sides, at least for more Conservative voters!

With Rudy Giuliani bowing out after yesterday’s poor third place showing among Republicans and John Edwards set to announce his withdrawal today, that leaves Hillary and Obama for the Dems and Romney and McCain for the GOP. I'm not counting either Huckabee or Kucinich, because such guys have no realistic shot at even serving as a "spoiler" any more.

Think about it! The TWO most Left-of-center candidates on each side are OUTTA HERE!

I know some people argue that there really isn’t all that much difference between a Hillary Clinton and a John McCain (actually there is, but it’s in the details), in truth, there isn’t all that much difference (policy-wise) between an Obama and a Hillary, or McCain and Romney.

In this year of “CHANGE,” we are left with four pretty Centrist candidates, largely committed to more of the same on Bernake’s Supply Side Fed policies and all pretty much supporting the broader WoT.

Yes, I prefer the Republicans military approach to global jihadist terrorism, largely because the “Criminal Justice” approach to fighting terror failed miserably.

In the wake of the 1993 World Trade Center bombings, James Fox (then head of the FBI’s New York Office) warned that, “America’s criminal justice system is inadequate to dealing with the problem of state sponsored, international terrorism.”

Once you accept that the Criminal Justice method is inadequate, there are only two options, (1) the military option or (2) the surrender option, which is to say there is ONLY ONE option, once we accept that the criminal justice method of dealing with state sponsored, international terrorism is inadequate to dealing with that task.

I also prefer the GOP’s stand on the economy, despite the fact that after Gingrich left Congress, the GOP fell into a “feeding frenzy at the public trough,” just as the Dems had done for the previous FOUR DECADES!

While there’s some hope that Republicans might learn from their mistakes, the Pelosi-Reid Congress doesn’t even seem to see that as a mistake, as they seemed poised to attempt to block the current President’s elimination of earmarks from all spending Bills.

In short, Conservatives can breathe at least a little easier today, with the two most Left-of-center candidates now officially out of the race.


Seane-Anna said...

I don't think the most left-of-center candidates are out of the race. I think Obama is quite left-wing but hiding it. I think Hillary is also way more liberal than she's letting on right now. So conservatives shouldn't breathe too easily right now.

JMK said...

Seane-anna, while I believe Edwards ran the most Left-of-center campaign among the Dems and Rudy held the most of Left-of-center views among the Republicans, that doesn't mean that I believe that the others in the race are Conservative by any means.

I will ultimately support the most Conservative candidate running in the general election, but I hold very little hope that that will be anyone all that Conservative.

A holding pattern is the best Conservatives can hope for over the next four or five years.

The one thing they have going for them is the history of failure of Liberal policies, so a return to Keynesian policies now, would not be expected to deliver any different results than they brought about in the late 1970s.

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