Monday, December 10, 2007

New York’s Economy Nearly All the Way BACK!!!

Did you know that according to the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report, New York City is today back within 6,000 jobs of where it was in January of 2001?

January of 2001 saw America in the midst of (actually at the end of) a “tech bubble” and New York, of course, pre-9/11. It’s taken nearly seven years to get back there.

With crime still plummeting in New York, Wall Street rollicking and a stronger, more standards-backed CUNY system New York produced 57,000 jobs last year, boosting its workforce by 1.5%!

Construction jobs continued to surge, while manufacturing jobs continued to lose ground, while BOTH high paying (finance and professional services) and lower paying (education and healthcare) jobs gained ground.


WomanHonorThyself said...

sure is good to hear good news my friend!

heidianne jackson said...

wait! how can these things all be true - with giulliani gone and several of his programs repealed...

JMK said...

It is amazing Angel. Imagine how well things would be doing if it weren't for NY's excessive taxation, Albany's mismanagement and the City's penchant for over-regulation!

Heidianne, I think the ONLY answer that makes any sense is that Bloomberg (a real RINO) followed Giuliani's fiscal plans (including maintaining the Welfare Reforms) and has had NYPD Commissioner Kelly follow Bratton's blueprint on crime (crime rates have continued to plummet). Wall Steet remains one of the primary engines of NYC and Bloomberg has wisely been a very good friend to Wall Street!

elwoodin said...

Great news. I come here often to read. It is good to know that the liberal establishment hasn't destroyed NYC after Giuliani. I also think that the people have a lot to do with the goodness that is happening in NYC and the rest of the United States.

-Robert- of Tired of all the Liberal Rhetoric out there....

JMK said...

I was sort of surprised by the report myself Robert. Things have gotten better fiscally for NYC over the last six years, even though the Bloomberg administration hasn't been nearly as effective, or determined on issues such as crime, welfare reform, etc.

The primary economic principle that behind NYC's and the rest of the nation's economic renaissance (now going on a quarter century) has been the adherence to Supply Side policies - lower tax rates, less regulation and free trade.

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