Friday, December 14, 2007

America’s Sports Steroid Nation

Back in August (8/9/2007) I kind of put the current steroid controversy in its proper perspective with;

“I don't blame modern athletes for using "performance enhancing drugs," almost everyone, including "weekend warriors" routinely use some of those same drugs - HgH, Andro and other such performance enhancers are all too common among both athletes and those interested in longevity or "life extension." If Ruth were alive today, he'd almost undoubtedly use them himself. Hell, it'd have been a better regimen than his traditional hot dogs and beer.”

I’ll stand by that. There’s no way, as professional sports and its various Player’s Unions, try to tell us, “Only 3% to 5% of the players use or have used performance enhancing drugs.

That’s utter nonsense on its face. The vast majority of weekend warriors and gym rats use some form of performance enhancers, from Creatine to Andro, to HgH, to synthetic testosterone and other steroids. They are all, not only readily available, but the performance enhancing industry is now a $10 BILLION a year industry!Does that sound like a market that takes in “only 3 – 5 percent of the professional athletes?” Hell, High School kids are taking the stuff. Baseball’s minor leagues and College football and basketball programs are loaded with the stuff.

As I said on August 15th, “Barry Bonds is guilty of living and playing in the age of steroids. Jose Canseco, Mark McGuire, Sammy Sosa, Jason Giambi and scores of others both known and unknown have routinely used steroids and other “performance enhancing drugs,” over the course of their careers.
Hell, millions of weekend athletes and others seeking to “stay younger longer,” have used things like HgH, testosterone, Andro and other such performance enhancers. Hell, testosterone and estrogen replacement therapy is often used by physicians in treating the symptoms of aging!“YES, the records of today ARE “tainted,” but there’s really no way to compare the records of any of the different eras. Babe Ruth played a completely different game than the one played today, just as Roger Maris and Hank Aaron played a different game than either Ruth or Bonds played in.

“When new technologies, new advancements in sports medicine, training, sports gear, etc. are introduced, they’re invariably used. That’s human nature – things evolve, our games and hobbies have evolved.

“Did Barry Bonds take performance enhancers?

“Almost certainly, YES, but so did almost every other player. In fact, high school athletes have been using various performance enhancers for decades now!

“Barry Bonds is the BEST baseball player of the modern/performance enhanced era. He may soon be replaced by A-Rod, who may one day face similar questions of his own.”

Let’s be realistic on this, performance enhancers are here, they’re here to stay and people who depend on their bodies for their livelihoods are going to use them, one way or the other, just as actors use plastic surgery to enhance and add longevity to their appearances and just as writers or anyone else would use such substances if they improved their abilities to do the things they both need and love to do.

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