Monday, October 22, 2007

More Liberal Intolerance?!

Have you heard that Conservative Republican Bobby Jindal has won the Governorship in Louisiana?

If you haven’t, it’s probably because the MSM hasn’t really harped on the story very much.

Bobby Jindal, an immigrant of Indian extraction has represented a very Conservative district in the deep South, which Democrats like to pretend is largely peopled by “bigoted rednecks.” Tough to explain how a bunch of bigoted rednecks would elect a son of Indian immigrants to lead their the MSM simply doesn’t.

Another disturbing aspect of the Jindal story is that it runs counter to the Liberal mantra, “A Democratic sweep in 2008 is inevitable.”

If that’s so, how could a very Conservative, Republican upstart beat a Democratic incumbent like Kathleen Blanco?
In the election of 2006, Americans opposed racial preferences by better than 2 to 1 in very Blue Michigan, voted to restrict Eminent Domain in 11 of the 12 states it was on the ballot, opposed gay marrigae by better than 2 t0 1, voting it down in 8 of 9 states. Ballot measures also reduced local tax rates, expanded Megan's Law (mandatory sentences for child-sex offenders, now passed in 47 states) and passed measures like making English the "official language of AZ, barring illegal immigrants from getting any state subsidized programs, etc.
In short, the Republicans have run into trouble in abandoning their Conservative principles, while the Dems made gains in 2006 by running many Conservative "Blue Dogs" in the South and out West.
Again, the MSM doesn't find such things interesting.....they find them "disturbing."
For a great video blog on Bobby Jindal's election SEE Conservative Brother at;


PoorGrrl said...

Louisiana had a gubernatorial election? I don't remember hearing anything about it. Total MSM blackout, huh? Anyway, I'm happy for Bobby Jindal. Not only does his election prove that America is not irredemably racist, but it also shows minorities that it's alright to leave the Democratic plantation. Way to go, Jindal!

JMK said...

Yes, it wasn't "Big News."

I wonder why.

But yes, I believe that it shows that most people vote their perceived interests, that is, they tend to vote for the candidate that most mirrors their own core beliefs.

Yes, there are some exceptions, but those people (people who'd vote ethnicity over ideology) generally hurt themselves.

The Left side of the blogosphere is already buzzing that "jindal should step down before he takes office," probably for the "crime" of "being a Conservative while also beling a minority."

Mick Brady said...

My wife and I were having breakfast the other day, and of course, I (political wonk that I am) was flipping through the news channels and stumbled upon Bobby Jindal's victory speech on c-span.

I cannot tell you how charged up we became listening to this guy. He's brilliant, he's real, he's humble, he's energetic, he comes from common origins, he loves America, he's determined to empower the average Louisianian, to end corruption in government, and he's only 36 years old!

We were standing and cheering (after only one cup of coffee) by the end of the speech, and I found myself calculating how old he'll be in 2012 and 2016. I believe this guy could accomplish what he says he will, though it is one of the tallest orders any politician could face.

Great post, sharp eye.

JMK said...

For another treat check out Tyrone's video blog on the subject at

There've been a lot of mistakes made by the GOP - poor planning for post-Saddam Iraq, excessive spending at home by the DeLay-Hastert Congresses, and poor leadership position on the border issue by G W Bush to name a few, but if the alternative's going to be a high spending, high taxing Democrat who's going to dismantle the effective domestic response we've had to terrorism post-9/11, then I think the Dems prospects look more an more uphill the closer Americans get to look at their platform.

And remember, almost all the gains the Democrats made in 2006 came from Conservative "New Democrats" in the South and out West.

The Liberals seem faced with either surrendering "their Party" to the "Zell Miller-wing," OR risk losing ground back to the hated GOP.

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