Saturday, October 13, 2007

Mike Bloomberg’s Chagrin

Right after assailing Republicans for their over-spending, the newly minted “Independent” Bloomy gets socked from TWO directions.
The NY Post recently outlined how “Mayor Mike” has presided over the biggest jumps in city outlays in decades!

Bloomberg’s been quoted as saying, too many “American politicians who call themselves “conservative” want to run up enormous deficits and hope someone else will pay for it. That’s not conservatism – that’s alchemy, or if you like, lunacy.”

Ironically enough New York City spending has grown 23% since 2002, and that’s adjusting for inflation. It’s now running at over $60 BILLION/year!
By contrast, NYC’s previous Mayor (Rudy Giuliani) boosted city spending just 8% adjusted for inflation.
Worse still, since 9/11 he’s resorted to paying the city’s bills with deficit financing (refinancing the 70’s debt that nearly bankrupted the city and using the monies that would’ve been used to pay off that debt to increase city spending.
As the Post noted, “First, Mike used some $2 BILLION in transitional finance Authority bonding. Then in an astonishingly reckless piece of fiscal legerdemain, he pushed more than $2 BILLION of the city’s leftover 1970s-era debt, slated to be paid off in five years, onto state taxpayers, getting Albany to agree to picking up the tab.”
Albany got the funds to do that by stretching out its own debt some 30 years!

Then, in the wake of MSG losing its own sexual harassment case, Bloomberg LP has been charged with both age discrimination and discriminating against pregnant women. At first Mike Bloomberg denied knowing about any of the allegations, but has since acceded that he was told about the accusations.

Ah, good old Mayor Mike, he keeps reminding us that while Giuliani was far from perfect, Bloomberg isn’t close to being as good. In fact, it makes it more clear every day that Giuliani was New York’s best Mayor in over a century!
Hell, the only 20th century Mayor even close is Ed Koch!


Mick Brady said...

A hearty 'Amen' to the last few statements, but a dismayed 'Good God' for the rest of it.

Bloomberg has the distinct disadvantage of living in the rarified world of the billionaire's club, where he has not only lost touch with the average man, but he no longer seems to even care about him, and may even despise him.

Since he doesn't seem to care about much else, perhaps he should start treating the people's money the way he treats his own, and begin pinching those pennies.

BNJ said...

Amen to that. There's a part of me that would love to see Bloomy enter the race as a third-party candidate, both because he'd such votes away from Hillary, but also for the fun of seeing how shittily he'd stack up against the *other* mayor, Rudy Giuliani.

I swear, I have *never* been more mystified by some of my friends on the right *and* left as by their enthusiasm for a Bloomberg presidential candidacy.

JMK said...

I don't get it either Barry and Mick.

They reviled Rudy as a "fascist" for, in effect, bringing crime under control and in the process saving thousands of poor black and Hispanic lives, but they regale Bloomberg for enacting smoking bans, trans fat bans and all kinds of other intrusions into the most personal parts of our lives.

I don't get it at all.

Smoking is bad for you.

I've never smoked, but I respect another's right to ingest what they want into their own bodies.

I do not respect the right of a thug to engage in what is euphemistically called "a little persoanl income redistribution."

I agree with you Barry, it would be interesting to see Bloomy siphon off some Hillary votes, while showing poorly against his this point, I think it's either Rudy or Romney for the GOP, at least I HOPE.

Either one of those could appeal to moderates, most of the rest of the field can't.

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