Saturday, October 13, 2007

I'm Back...

Had my hard drive go down on Saturday, September 29th. I had it up and running again a day later but it crashed again Wednesday (October 3rd)....since the computer's was over five years old and I figured, like an old car, once you start replacing parts, it's one after another, I ordered another PC. It didn't arrive until the 11th and I've spent the last couple days reloading all the stuff I'd backed up, along with the initial software set-up.

I'm back, but now I won't be online (after today, Sat, Oct 13th) until next Saturday night (the 20th) because I'm heading out to Colorado for training tomorrow morning, so I guess I'll REALLY be back next Saturday.


Mick Brady said...

Welcome back, Joe. It's been just a little too quiet around here. Then, again, it's probably nice to take a break now and then. Hope your time in Colorado is a success.

jeremayakovka said...

Yeah, welcome back. Glad you're up and running. Gonna need your commentary now through the primaries and afterwards.

PoorGrrl said...

I was wondering what had happened to you. Welcome back!

BNJ said...

Boy, do I ever understand.

Good to have you back, my friend. :-)

Rachel said...

welcome back

JMK said...

Thanks all!

Now I'm REALLY back.

I spent a week out in SW Colorado (for training, not fun) and it was a good week.

met a lot of First Responders from around the country, great folks.

Now I'm back from that and glad to be back.

N.B. I'm glad YOUR back too's been awhile. Great posts on your site; for anyone who hasn't had the pleasure.

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