Wednesday, October 24, 2007

And Yet Another Case Of Racial Discrimination From the Deep South


Just when you’d thought America may have learned its lesson, that hiring/firing people based on ethnicity and skin-color is wrong, comes this story out of Orleans Parish, in Louisiana.

Turns out that the D.A. there fired the staff that was on when he was elected and replaced them with those of another race...predicatbly, the same race as the D.A.

Yes, Eddie Jordan, the Orleans Parish D.A. (pictured above) fired nearly three dozen white office workers and replaced them with blacks. The fired workers successfully sued Jordan and Orleans parish and won a judgment of $3.65 Million.

Jordan has argued that his office can’t pay that amount and that if forced to pay, it could bankrupt the beleaguered District Attorney’s office. A federal appeals judge ruled Monday (October 22, 2007) that the D.A.’s office $3.5 million in assets could be seized to meet the debt.

"The decision that's going to have to be made by responsible people in the city is whether they want a D.A.'s office," said Clement P. Donelon, who represents the 35 former workers.

Donelon said he didn’t fear a “community backlash” if he took money from the coffers of the office, which already suffers from a low prosecution rate and bungled homicide cases. New Orleans has the highest murder rate in the country.

"It's not us shutting it down. It's the city shutting it down," Donelon said, urging the mayor and city council to take action to compensate his clients.

The decision that allows assets of the office to be seized was made by U.S. District Judge Stanwood Duval Jr., who was also part of a three-judge panel that rejected a Jordan appeal in the case in August. Early this month, the court also denied a request by Jordan for more time to pay the debt.

Citizens from orleans Parish have circulated a petition to force Eddie Jordan to resign from office in the wake of this scandal.
When are we going to learn that bigotry is wrong matter who indulges in it?


WomanHonorThyself said...

hi there!..As long as the libs are involved the answer is never!..Keep up the good fight!

JMK said...

It is an interesting double standard.

As I tried to explain elsewhere, that double standard is not at all benign.

For instance, a few years back the James Byrd murder was a national story, and rightfully so, but the recent Knoxville (The Chipman Street racial killings) was virtually ignored outside Knoxville.

There is, and probably always will be a certain amount of racial bigotry and animus within EVERY racial group.

However, a problem that has become far larger than that fringe bigotry, in my view, is the pervasive view that black bigotry/racism either (A) doesn't exist, or that (B) it's a justifiable reaction to other bigotry/racism.

The reason that pervasive view is a huge problem is that it's wrong on EVERY count and that it keeps many blacks from the introspection necessary to overcome the innate human trait of xenophbia and ethnic tribalism, and the reason THAT is important is that it keeps many blacks holding onto a "chip on their shoulders," and that keeps them from fully integrating into society and living better lives.

When I posted at length about the Knoxville murders a few months ago, a number of readers (black & white) mistakenly thought my major issue was that such black race-based killings were overlooked by the mainstream media (MSM) because they don't fit its Liberal agenda.

No, the real outrage over the lack of coverage and condemnation of the Knoxville murders was that it implies that that was merely another "dog bites man" story. It implies that that kind of animalistic brutality is "typical of blacks," thus only "surprising" and "outrageous" when whites engage in it.

That viewpoint (a viewpoint held by many whites and blacks in the MSM) is an incredibly naive, as well as a racist/bigoted one, in that it expects depravity from blacks and sees that kind of behavior as "natural" to that group.

It is compounded in that it plays into the insidious mythos that I outlined above - the inane view that black bigotry/racism either doesn't exist or is a justifiabl reaction to other, or previous bigotry/racism.

THAT is the crux of the matter that has led to so much miscommunication over the issue of race.

Rachel said...

what you're talking about is what Bernard Goldberg (formerly of CBS) calls "liberals of convenience". They want to sound caring but in the long run they are more elitist and racist so they twist their actions so they don't have to bother with actual change and risk their comfort.
The Chipman Street murders were not mentioned because it was not PC. That's for some perverse reason enough for two innocents to get slaughtered like beasts and no real discussion of what happened and why (poverty, race anger, etc) - don't want to upset the black folks - they deserve our pity and may come into our neighborhoods.

JMK said...

Well Rachel, I guess one of the things that's always troubled me about the majority of committed Leftist idealogues (that's a different breed from regular people who consider themselves "liberal") is that the ones I've met are, for the most part, what I'd call "pseudo-elitists." They seem to believe they "know" more than they actually do.

I come from the same viewpoint that Bill Bratton does on violence and crime - poverty doesn't breed violence, if it did, Africa, home to many of the poorest places in the world, would be awash in violent crime (not tribal wars, but individual crime), in fact most such places have lower violent crime rates than we do. If poverty caused violence the Great Depression would've seen much higher violent crime rates than we saw in the booming 1980s...but we saw the reverse.

What I believe is that two main factors are responsible for violent crime, (1) stupidity and (2) an inately evil character.

The latter is rare and is generally found in serial killers, mass murderers, etc, but stupidity (NOT mere ignorance or "the lack of knowledge," but the inability to properly process and use information") is far more common.

Stupid people tend to be more reckless, impulsive and irresponsible than others. They often act like, as some might say, "the world revolves around them." They tend to have trouble delaying gratification, as well as planning and sacrificing for goals down the line. Stupid people believe you can "get something for nothing," and those are the things that often lead to crime, even violent crime as a shortcut, or in lieu of actual work.

I believe that's as true for blacks as it is for whites and every other group.

Just as the answer to lower performance among school children is to RAISE, not lower expectations and standards, in effect, "raising the price of failure," the answer to violent crime, in my view, is more and harsher punishments, to, in effect, "raise the cost of violence."

I worked nearly twenty years in the South Bronx and I have no doubt it's a very difficult place to grow up. I've also been to the rural West and to parts of Appalachia and I know those places aren't easy places to grow up either, in fact, the latter may be even harder due to a number of factors, including the lack of centralized distribution points for aid, so that many more people in such areas "fall through the cracks."

And yet there is often less despair in rural areas than there is in the inner city and I think a lot of that is due to the large amount of "government help" and "aid" available there.

The message people in America's inner cities constantly get is "You can't make it on your own," which translates into "Your not as good as those "other" people who can," and that's a crippling message.

I used to think the pseudo-elites were well-intentioned, but I don't believe that any more, especially since seeing the way they savage those women and minorities who move out of dependence and dare to embrace individualism and personal responsibility (freedom) a/k/a "Conservatism."

All these "politically correct" hypocrites have no trouble piling all manner of abuse on the likes of Mike Steele, Condi Rice, J C Watts, etc.

So I've come to believe that the pernicious effects of dependency programs, in the guise of "anti-poverty programs" is intentional and nefarious.

Again, that's just my own view on the matter.

P.S. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, I always appreciate exchanging views with you. As the great Barry Farber (a Jewish talk radio host, born & raised in North Carolina) used to say, You're not what's wrong with America," which in his parlance meant your part of the solution, not the problem, which was high praise coming from him.

About twenty years ago, in NYC (while working on WOR Radio) he started a group called ENOUGH, in the wake of a slew of inter-racial crimes (Howard Beach, the Eleanor Bumpers and Michael Stewart killings, etc.) and his group sought to galvanize "the decent against the indecent," in his words.

Barry felt that the problems weren't "black vs white" or vice versa, but that of "the DECENT vs the INDECENT."

I always liked Barry Farber and admire his genuine decency, his ability to tell a tale and his innate goodness and willing niavete, which allowed him to take others at face value.

PoorGrrl said...

Wow! I hadn't heard about this story before. The MSM is boringly predictable. Now if this had been a white DA firing blacks...

WomanHonorThyself said...

p.s. will be adding u to my "esteemed" blogroll!..:)

JMK said...

I only accidently came across the AP story about the DA's office in Orleans Parish, La. possibly going bankrupt.

Turns out, only the local Times Piacyune really fully covered the entire story.

And again, the entire across the board double standard, whether it's over the way race crimes are covered, or the way "hate crimes" laws are applied, is steeped in a very thinly veiled racial bigotry that presumes that "blacks are just naturally more violent, and more prone to disregard the law then are others."

I'm surprised that so many so-called Liberals seem to have no problem with either the double standard itself, nor the underlying overtly racist (and I hate using that so often misused word) implication.

I think that will sadly remain the status quo until enough blacks find the implication and the resulting double standards deeply offensive.

When "others" find those things offensive, it doesn't seem to count.

JMK said...

"p.s. will be adding u to my "esteemed" blogroll!..:)" (WHT)
You're already on mine.

Yours is a treasure trove of Conservative could comb through it for months and never hit the same blog twice! That's incredible!

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