Sunday, July 29, 2007

What Happened to “the Alienated America”


According to the far Left – the Moore-Gore-Soros Axis, “America has alienated the world, leaving us with few friends and more enemies than ever before.”

The MSM takes that on faith, but is it at all true?

Almost a year ago, Germany ousted the Schroeder administration and elected the pro-American Angela Merckel, who has declared among her goals to “make Germany’s economy more like America’s.

Back in May, the Giuliani-like Nikolas Sarkozy swept to victory in France and last month, his Party retained control over the French Parliament. Amon other things, Sarkozy intends to proceed with the promised “masss deportations” of the millions of Muslims now living in France. Australia’s John Howard and Canada’s Stephen Harper are both very pro-American.

Gordon Brown (pictured above), England’s new PM was seen as a last best hope for the “alienated America” chorus, but as Prime Minister Gordon Brown prepared to visit the United States on Sunday, he said he plans to use the trip to strengthen what Britain already considers its "most important bilateral relationship."

"It is a relationship that is founded on our common values of liberty, opportunity and the dignity of the individual," Brown said in a statement. "And because of the values we share, the relationship with the United States is not only strong, but can become stronger in the years ahead."

He denied speculation that the relationship was cooling.

A funny thing happened on the way to this “alienated America,” the rest of the world moved into sync with the Bush policies regarding the global war on terrorism and that bodes well, not only for America but for the West...and for the rest of the world, as well.

More Western governments are beginning to see the very real threat of jihadist terrorism both at home and abroad and here in America, more people are beginning to see the dual threat of global jihadist terror AND the far Left jihadists...”that Moore-Gore-Soros Axis).


mal said...

My homepage which featured MSNBC headlines (sigh!) had the headline along the lines of "Brown's chance to define relationship with Bush" referring to today's meeting.

Read: Brown has chance to eliminate "Bush's poodle" sobriquet by pulling rank and defying W.

Didn't happen much to, I am sure, major angst among the flacks for the left.

God, but these bastards are pathetic, aren't they?

Now watch for the polls conducted in the UK which show Brown's popularity dropping after this meeting.

Originality is not a liberal hallmark.

JMK said...

That really is pathetic, considering that Brown recently REFUSED to rule out military action with Iran and asked for more police powers, including the ability to hold suspects up to 48 days (up from 28) without charge.

Until recently, America's MSM could point to Chirac and Schroeder as "proof that Bush was alienating our Allies."


If Bush had alienated those countries, why'd BOTH France (Sarkozy) and Germany (Merckel) elect new, pro-American governments?

Why did Australia re-elect John Howard and Canada put Conservative Stephen Harper in?

Come to think of it, it seems as though it's the Left that's becoming increasingly "alienated" in this brave new world!

Where'd all those Liberal/Left leaders go???

JMK said...

Oh yeah, and that's why I prefer Yahoo (not great, but better). Their headline; Brown shares U.S. view on duties in Iraq.

And they also had a story on the John Roberts seizure....I can hardly wait for the Kos, MoveOn and HuffPoos obligatory "Too bad he didn't die" posts.

What I wouldn't give for a hunting permit for Left-wing's a crying shame.

Rachel said...

didn't happen, mal. Or the title in my local newspaper implied that they (Brown and W) are sticking together like pb & j. Although there may have been semantics difference, Brown does not sound like he's distancing himself from W.
Not to be smarmy, but I think the Car-B-Q's in Europe's own backyard is changing the politico's way of thinking over the War on Terror

JMK said...

I think some in the MSM have certainly sought to portray that as vindication for their agenda, Rachel - "Bush has screwed up America's place in the world," and "Everyone in the world hates America now,".....I can see them thinking that last one, as it's mere projection - many in our own media seem to revile America!

I think you're very right about the Muslim anti-Western riots in Europe impacting their viewpoint, Rachel. Europe has had a much more radicalized Muslim menace within its borders for some time now....something many Americans either fail or refuse to understand.

I very much support and anticipate Sarkozy's mass deporations, though I'd prefer the view advanced by some that "We should march them down to the Mediterranean Sea and have them swim back," although that's me....I often tend to go a step (or two) too far.

At any rate, I prefer a confrontational solution, because this is a war of ideologies - 7th Century Islam versus Western Modernism and all such ideological struggles become "fights to the death."

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