Tuesday, July 10, 2007

OK, THIS is a GOOD One! Didja Hear The One About the Peacenik Who Logs Onto a Jhadi Website and...

So, did you hear the one about the Liberal who went online to join with al Qaida to help commit terrorist acts within the U.S. because he opposed the war in Iraq?

Oh yeah! This is a riot! Because...well, becau-...Oh! WAIT a minute! This isn’t really funny at all, cause it’s actually true!

As Ace says, “Don't question his patriotism. Conspiring with Al Qaeda to commit acts of terrorism is the highest form of patriotism.” (SEE: http://www.ace.mu.nu/ 7/9/07)

That kind of goes without saying, if you ask me.

So, the trial of Michael Curtis Reynolds begins today in Wilkes Barre, PA. He’s accused of communicating via the Internet with someone he believed was a member of al-Qaida, according to an indictment handed down last year. Of course, as luck would have it, that “someone” was Shannen Rossmiller (a municipal court judge from Montana) who was acting as an undercover operative for the FBI.
Mr. Reynolds allegedly offered to help commit acts of terrorism by "identifying targets, planning terrorism attacks, describe bomb-making methods, among other services," the indictment reads. He allegedly suggested targeting pipeline systems and energy facilities in the U.S.

On Dec. 5, less than two months after they began communicating, Ms. Rossmiller and undercover FBI agents set up a money drop, e-mailing Mr. Reynolds and telling him he could pick up $40,000 at a deserted rest stop outside Pocatello, Idaho. It was there that Mr. Reynolds was arrested.

His defense attorney has complained that Mr. Reynolds is being prosecuted for the same behavior that Ms. Shannen Rossmiller was being lauded for.

Funny story, and a not too fine a distinction, see, Ms. Rossmiller was “lauded” BECAUSE SHE WAS OPERATING AS AN UNDERCOVER FBI INFORMANT!!!

Funny stuff, eh.

Well, all is not lost, perhaps while in prison, Mr. Reynolds can pen his jihadi memoirs and when he gets out, maybe he can join with the kindred spirits at Kos and MoveOn.


Dan O. said...

Isn't that treason? Give that sumbitch a one-way ticket to Club Gitmo! Let him conspire with the real jihadists on which one kneels on the prayer rug first.

JMK said...

I really like his defense attorney's creative defense, "Mr. Reynolds is being tried for the same thing that Ms Rossmiller is being lauded for."

In that sense, a contract hit man convicted of murder was "convicted for doing the same thing that cops occasionally have to do," (ie. shoot violent perps, when they attack police).

Rachel said...

I understand hating the war in iraq - I have many friends who want the troops home now and who wants war anyway - BUT COME ON!!!!!

Reynolds was willing to do what AQ does - destoy families and futures - in order to *stop* war?

I can vouch, he is so not a liberal. We do have IQ's above that of a rotted tomato.

With apologies to tomatoes.

JMK said...

You know what Rachel?

You're right, that I probably shouldn't have siad "Liberal" as ALL Liberals aren't deranged.

There are many Liberals (though I may disagree with them on many issues) who are decent and fair minded people...I've met some.

That's a fair point, so I'm going to change the title from "Liberal" to "Peacenik."

I know, it's not perfect either, but I need a one-word lead-in for the header.

Thanks for bringing that point up!

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