Sunday, July 29, 2007

Gratuitous Sexytime Post

Turns out that Kimberly Bell (WHO?)...Barry Bonds’ former girlfriend, is going to pose nude in Playboy (on news stands October 1st)...I just had to get that plug in, besides Hef promised that “the check’s already in the mail.”

Bell calls her decision to pose nude "liberating" and claimed that, at least according to her, since Bonds had asked her to move from San Francisco to Scottsdale, Ariz., (the Giants’ spring training home) in 2001, promising to give her a $207,000 down payment on a house there, but only delivered on $80,000.

Hey! A girl’s gotta eat, doncha know.

According to Bell’s agent, David Hans Schmidt, “This is a payday she deserves and that Barry Bonds never got her,” Schmidt said. “All she got from Bonds was being dumped and lied to. There was a settlement discussion on the table, and he pulled it off the table and said, ‘I don’t care.’ He never showed any class after he asked her to move out of San Francisco.”
Well, OK, I guess, so long as this is indeed a “liberating experience” and it’s guided strictly by principle rather than say, any personal animus.

Still, she IS at least kinda hot and she certainly ain’t getting any younger.

Oh yeah! And I almost forgot! She’s going to talk about Bond’s steroid use in the know, the one that’ll accompany the pix.


Mick Brady said...

I love liberated women. Especially in the nude. Thanks for keeping me up to date on the Bonds family news; it's like having our own private Tour de France.

JMK said...

I figured I'd break things up with a bit of sports info/gossip....any excuse to get away from politics for a little bit.

On the Bonds' controversy and the "steroid" use in general, I'm confused by the Captain Renault (Claude Rains in Casablance) bit, on the part of baseball and its fans - "We're SHOCKED, shocked that steroid abuse is rampant in professional sports."


Because the use of performance enhancing compounds from HgH, to Creitine, to testosterone (natural and artificial) have been exploding within the general public for the past decade!

Would any of these sports writers NOT take a pill that would improve their writing ability?

Would any of the fans NOT take a pill that would make them better at their jobs, stay younger longer?


To say such things undermines the record books is true but inane.

Inane because EVERY era has changed the parameters of baseball.

When Ruth hit 60 home runs in a year, he was hitting, what amounted to a wet sock out of far larger ball parks. He also hit in an era with no night games, lower pitchers mounds and no black players.

Of course, Ruth also hit more home runs than any other TEAM did at the time. Let's see some player dominate the game like THAT, before we call them "Ruthian!"

We went from the dead ball era of Ruth and Gehrig to the live ball era of Mantle, Aaron, Maris and Mays, to the current "steroid era"...and EVERY ONE of those eras and some in betwen, have changed the parameters of the record books.

So, NOW we're going to make a big deal out of all this?!

I really don't get it!

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