Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The NY Times Caught in Yet ANOTHER LIE!

This is getting too easy. Sought of like some perverse game of “Find Waldo,” where he’s always in plain sight.

At any rate, in an article entitled France Looks Ahead, And It Doesn’t Look Good ( an article that partly mourns the unmournable Jacques Chirac and partly pulls for Segolene Royal, the Times couldn’t resist the chance to take another dishonest shot at it’s own country.

In discussing France’s many problems, the article piously intones, “Yes, France has high youth unemployment, thanks to institutionalized impediments to job creation. But the comparison to American rates is misleading: our figures are artificially lowered because so many dark-skinned men aged 18 to 30 are in prison and thus off the unemployment rolls.”

OK, maybe the writers at the NY Times don’t realize this but France too has “many dark skinned men between the ages of 18 and 30" (many of them rioted right outside Paris last summer) languishing in prison...and they too, DO NOT COUNT in France’s unemployment figures!

I know, who cares about facts when you've got a bigger point to make, especially an emotional point like, "At least France isn't overtly racist," even if the facts say, "BUT YES THEY ARE!"

Ya know, if I didn’t know any better, someone could make the case that the NY Times hates America, but of course they don’t, at least not officially.

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