Wednesday, April 25, 2007

More al Qaeda Connections to Liberal America

As if they needed THIS!

First al Qaeda sends America’s Democrats a “You owe us one,” over the 2004 elections
Then Harry Reid declares the war in Iraq “lost,” yet proposes a ‘slow pullout that would leave those troops left in Iraq in more imminent danger, while leaving the Mideast in violent chaos, and NOW the Saudis (the home of Wahabbism) takes the same stance on gun control that American Liberals do - the Saudis say Gun Rights = State Sponsored Terrorism: “Most Americans simply do not see the falsity of their own position. So sure are they of their own moral rectitude that they utterly discount the standards and concerns of others as either irrelevant or wrong. This is all the easier for them because of the widespread ignorance of the outside world which, in the present administration, extends from the man in the street all the way to the president himself. This lack of international knowledge and awareness is the more remarkable given that America is such a rich mix of races and cultures. Yet once within the capacious US borders, immigrants sign up to a constitution which includes this obsolete right to carry guns whose sole purpose is to kill. Gangland murders and campus massacres by deluded youths armed with lethal firepower are the price Americans pay for this blindness. Though they may be terrified and deeply disturbed, they do not see such crimes as terrorism or indeed as constitutionally state-sponsored terrorism.”


That’s even somewhat more eloquent than most of our own homegrown Liberals are on the topic. Although it's kind of ironic considering that the observable gun laws in the Middle east seem to be, "So long as you can carry it, it's legal."

Still, those Saudi junior High’s must really be something!


Barry said...

Yeah, I always wondered what the official gun policies were in those countries. God knows whenever any news happens, good or bad, the photos show huge crowds of civillians, automatic weapons in hand, from grandmothers on down.

JMK said...

Yeah, I love that.

It certainly seems like walking around most countries in the Mideast with an RPG is standard fare.

Who knew they had such strong pro-gun control views at heart.

I guess they need a little stricter enforcement over there.

JMK said...

Oh yeah....and there's nothing worse than a gun-toting granny, unless it's a gun-toting twelve year-old.

Which brings up another odd point, granny's got to wear a burqua and can't drive a car alone, but she's fine carrying an RPG around town - during daylight hours, of course.

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