Saturday, April 7, 2007

John Edwards Ironic Impact on Breast Cancer

As a trial lawyer, John Edwards made his fortune suing OB-GYNs over junk science that connected cerebral palsy to problems with deliveries. The impact of those lawsuits is that insurance companies paid out billions in malpractice premiums (a relative pittance to each “victim” and reportedly over $400 million to John Edwards), causing malpractice premiums to skyrocket, along with physician prices – the REAL COSTS are always passed onto the consumer, to the point where in many states, few physicians delivered babies any more.

Recently Debbie Schlussel made a great point about John Edwards’ ironic impact on breast cancer, “Breast cancer is a devastating, frequently fatal disease--which also strikes men. But, the fact is that John Edwards' multi-millions in lawsuit verdicts contributed greatly to the cost of health care for the rest of us in America. The average woman doesn't have the gazillions Mrs. Edwards does to get every treatment (several NOT covered by HMOs) available that the rest of us can't afford. Her husbands' lawsuits didn't make those treatments more possible for the rest of us. Nope, those lawsuits made effective treatment more expensive and less available.

“Don't be fooled by this smokescreen book and John Edwards' pronouncements on Oprah about his and his wife's fight against breast cancer. When it comes to your fight, he made America's women more vulnerable.

“And so do the thousands of other medical malpractice plaintiffs' lawyers like him around America who voted for him and gave generously to his and Kerry's campaigns.”

Debbie Schlussel, March 22, 2007

Actions have consequences. When juries are unable to recognize junk science (there is NO established link between cerebral palsy and child-birth), it costs the public billions in (1) costs, as the costs of goods and services (like health care) rise in response to such actions, (2) higher taxes and (3) a reduction of those willing to offer those services in the future.

People who care about others look to promote prosperity, by decreasing regulation, reducing taxes and government spending/services and rewarding investment and jobs creation.

Many of those claiming to endorse “economic equality,” of “economic justice” are motivated by a resentment of the prosperity created by the investor class and seek to punish and restrict that prosperity. In some cases that's misguided, in others it's deliberately evil.

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