Monday, March 26, 2007

What’s the Big Deal?!

So now the Bush administration is being lambasted for "wrongly firing" eight U.S. Attorneys...only there is no such thing as a “wrongful firing” of such an appointee.

They can clearly be fired for ANY reason, or no reason at all.

The Dems are clamoring that these eight were fired, for among other things, failing, or refusing to investigate suspected incidents of Democratic voter fraud.

Like it or not, the White House can direct U.S. Attorneys to investigate pretty much whatever it wants and ANY voter fraud uncovered is a good thing...for both Parties.

I certainly don’t think there are any Democrats willing to go on record supporting any voter fraud that may benefit that Party. So what’s the big deal about a few U.S. Attorneys being fired, if they indeed did take umbrage over investigating voter fraud for what may have seemed like partisan reasons to them?

It looks as though they were given a directive by their boss (Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez, pictured above), refused to carry it out (insubordination) and were fired.

But the White House didn’t and doesn’t need to give a reason for firing these attorneys. They serve at the pleasure of the President and can be let go for any...or even no reason at all.

I still don’t see any scandal.

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