Monday, March 26, 2007

Update on The Knoxville Murders...and Other Things

It’s been nearly three months since the horrific Knoxville murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom and nearly a month since I brought it up here.

No topic has resulted in as many comments, many of them somewhat intemperate.

Such crimes tend to inflame racial passions, but that’s no reason for the MSM to ignore them. They say something about us (ALL of us), how such events are covered says something about us, too. It says a lot about the things we’ll put up with and the things we’re willing to ignore, for one, the dysgenic impact of violent crime.

I certainly don’t believe that such crimes prove anything about black/white relations and I certainly don’t believe they prove anything about the broader racial/ethnic group of the suspects.

In my view, the Newsom-Christian murders no more indicate that “blacks are prone to violence,” then does the James Byrd murder prove that of whites.

Saying that, I firmly believe that the mainstream media’s (MSM’s) virtually ignoring such black-on-white atrocities, while never failing to cover white-on-black ones tends to inflame a righteous indignation among many whites, as anyone can plainly see the media’s double standard.

The fact is that depravity is a part of the human condition, it’s an unpleasant fact, like the fact that dead bodies give off a horrible stench during decay, but unpleasant facts can only be ignored at our own peril.

In my view, there are very few, if any racial lessons to take from the Christian-Newsom, or the James Byrd murders, but many human lessons.

The fact is that there are hundreds, maybe thousands of other such predators out there right now. What we should all take away from the Christian-Newsom murders is that we must deal differently with violent crime. We must (1) seek out such potential predators at an early age, (2) seek to change them, if possible, at a very early age and (3) failing that institutionalize these people so that the danger they pose to society can be mitigated.

All of the above must be done in a race-neutral fashion, as there are predators from every race and ethnic background.

In a separate but related post I discussed the dysgenic effects of violent crime. In this case, like the James Byrd case the victims were more productive members of society than the perpetrators. That seems to hold true in almost every violent incident.

Even in the relatively recent and high-profile Ted Ammon murder, where the wealthy Long Island Investment Banker was bludgeoned to death in his own home, the two suspects handyman, Danny Pelosi and Ammon’s wife (Generosa) were both far less productive, socially valuable people than Ted Ammon was. Mrs. Ammon and Dan Pelosi both had skills that were, at best, quite common, while Ted Ammon’s skills were near irreplaceable – the dysgenic effects of such crimes impacts all of us, as they impact society in a very negative way.

I believe the Rockefeller Drug laws (that mandate mandatory sentences for drug offenses) should be scrapped, in favor of mandatory sentences for violent crimes.

We have never looked at the serious implications of violent crime correctly and still don’t take the scourge of violence as seriously as we ultimately must.


Anonymous said...

1976-2004 Black on white "Stranger" Homicide:


1976-2004 White on Black "Stranger" Homicide:


That's around 3.6 times more black on white murder. See the "Stranger" table below.

Rape and aggravated assault are even more one sided than the murder stats.

Source: U.S. Department of Justice

Anonymous said...

The link didn't post correctly-

JMK said...

Without question there is a distressing disproportionality in violent crime across racial/ethnic lines.

There are two factors that I'd see as responsible for this, (1) the view that both the MSM and academia feed into, that black animosity and violence are somehow justified (they're NOT) and (2) the larger black underclass that is due, in some significant measure, to the fact that there are more blacks then whites who are of below average IQ.

I believe that it's low IQ, manifested in illiteracy, decreased self-motivation, etc. that is most correlative to violent crime and not race/ethnicity itself.

That's why blacks have a higher violent crime rate than whites and why whites have a higher violent crime rate than Asians and why various sub-groups within all those ethnicities have higher or lower violent crime rates than other sub-groups within that larger ethnicity.

I guess what I'm saying is that violence is an "IQ trait" (a lower IQ increases one's propensity toward violence), and not strictly a racial or ethnic one.

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