Friday, March 16, 2007

A Real Classic - Liberal Democrat David Obey (D-WI) Calls anti-war loons, "Idiot Liberals"

It's over a week old, but it's still a classic - Liberal Democrat, David Obey (D-WI), pictured left, is confronted by two anti-war proesters (one of ghem, a mother of a Marine) and winds up excoriating "Idiot Liberals" for making it harder to end the war.

An absolute classic!

See? Even those saner Liberals can't stand the hard-Left!
And Tina Richards gets her day on Hardball;


Rachel said...

yeah, JMK, but he tried to explain (excuse) himself from his statement, blaming the stress of "this stupid war" (like anyone says *anytime* this "fantastic war")

JMK said...

He did Rachel, but I think the initial outburst was made out of the frustration of dealing with the unrealistic and misinformed anti-war crowd.

In my view, he only mis-spoke in calling them "Liberals" as in "idiot Liberals,." He's a Liberal, they're radicals.

There's a disconnect between the hardline anti-war folks and reality.

Even if the invasion of Iraq had been "based on lies" (it WASN'T, as virtually every Intelligence agency in the world and even Saddam's own Generals believed Iraq had WMDs, because Saddam encouraged that belief as "detterant by doubt"), we still can't afford to disengage from the jihadists that have flocked their to fight.

I actually feel bad for David Obey.

mal said...

I believe Obey's overreaction was the proverbial straw.

I have no doubt that his office gets any number of calls daily threatening his tenure if he doesn't bow at their feet.

Obey, although a liberal Dem, is a decent guy who was an excellent speaker during the times I saw him on C-Span.

He was exasperated and it showed.

JMK said...

No question Mal on both counts.

The Obey confrontation, in my view, shows the widening schism between Liberals (who are merely misguided) and the radical left (which is largely and increasingly anti-American).

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