Saturday, March 3, 2007

Florida Moves to Ban Illegal Aliens!!!

No, not the actual illegal aliens, just the word "illegal aliens."

Makes sense, because "words kill people too."

Or is that "Words don't kill people, illegal aliens do?"

I forget, but at any rate, State Senator Frederica Wilson (pictured above) a Democrat (who'd have thunk it?) has gone on record as saying, "I personally find the word 'alien' offensive when applied to individuals, especially children. To me, an alien is someone from Outer Space."

OK, go ahead and roll that statement around your heads for awhile.

I don't know about you, but it seriously creeps me the hell out.

The fact that anyone so incredibly and irrevocably stupid could be elected to any State Senate from any State in this Union is bone-chillingly frightening to me.

My advice to Frederica Wilson is, "Don't drink another drop of anything alcoholic, nor smoke even another joint (if you do engage in such activities) because in your case, one less brain cell and you're a talking mannequin."

Compounding the already stunning level of stupidity, Ms. Wilson amplified her statement thusly, "There are children in our schools whose parents are trying to become citizens and we shouldn't label them. They are immigrants through no fault of their own, not aliens."

Hmmmmmm....OK, let me put this as simply as is humanly possible;
There are people who are trying to become U.S. citizens through the proper channels and those people are called "immigrants."

They have Green Cards and Work Visas and things like that.

Those people AREN'T breaking any American LAWS!!!

There are also people who've come here ILLEGALLY and most of those people AREN'T really trying (at least not very hard) to become "American citizens."

Those people HAVE broken American LAWS and are thus called "ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS" or "ILLEGAL ALIENS."

To date, no "aliens" have yet arrived from Outer Space, but should they arrive here in America and break our immigration laws and try to work and live here without going through the proper immigration procedures, they too will be called "ILLEGAL ALIENS," only in their case, as you (Ms. Wilson) astutely point out, it would probably be "Illegal Space Aliens."

See the distinction?

Illegal immigrants are NOT "immigrants," they're LAWBREAKERS.

Legal immigrants are NOT "illegal aliens," they ARE however, often referred to as "resident aliens," because they don't "come from here."
Illegal Aliens (1) DON'T come from here (not a major problem) and (2) Have broken our immigration laws and thus DON'T BELONG HERE (a HUGE problem).
I'm just trying to cure stupidity, one stupid argument at a time.


Dan O. said...

Funny how the left changes the meaning of words at will just to start a cause.

No, not funny. Sad.

And you are 100% correct; How did someone so ignorant get elected to anything other than maybe in charge of coffee at the AA (A-holes Anonymous) meeting?

Wonder if they've ever heard of the word 'etymology'. Or for that matter 'dictionary'.

JMK said...

Using the word immigrant interchangably with "illegal immigrant," as in "they're all just immigrants" is the most duplicitous and vile form of semantics.

Illegal immigration is a federal crime.

Legal immigration is a god-send, at least for the most part - there are good and bad among all such broad-based groups.

Frederica Jones is right on one thing, those illegal aliens "don't warrant be offended," they warrant being locked up and then deported post-haste.

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