Monday, March 26, 2007

Detective Oliver Fires a Round Into His Own Foot

Detective Michael Oliver didn’t help himself with his $4200 celebratory dinner at Nello the day he and two other NYPD Officers were indicted in the Sean bell shooting.

One PBA source was quoted as saying, “He just convicted himself and if we don’t rein him in, he’s going to bring the others down with him.”

The problem with the high profile fete was that there wasn’t anything for Oliver to be celebrating! Moreover, that kind of move is indicative of the kind of judgment you might expect from an officer who emptied sixteen initial shots (a full fifteen round clip and one chambered round), then re-loaded and emptied another fifteen shot clip, in accounting for an astounding 31 of the 50 shots fired by the NYPD that night!

Recognizing how difficult police work is, most law-abiding citizens want to give the cops the benefit of the doubt, but this is the kind of judgment that makes you cringe at the prospect of a Michael Oliver taking the stand in his own defense.

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