Thursday, March 15, 2007

11th Hour Witness Rocks Queens "50-Shot" Case

Just as a Queens grand jury began deliberations - a janitor walked into a Queens police station house and told detectives he saw a man fire one shot at cops before disappearing into a building, law-enforcement sources said.
This latest eye-witness account would seem to resuscitate the “fourth-man theory,” that the police on the scene have swore to since the investigation started.

The witness, whose name is being withheld, has single-handedly thrown the already tense case into full boil, giving the cops hope of a last-minute reprieve while igniting charges of chicanery among the anxious supporters of Bell, who was slain while two of his friends were shot, just hours before his scheduled wedding.

Bell was killed last Nov. 25 near a Jamaica strip club that hosted his bachelor party. Cops involved said they believed someone in Bell's party was carrying a gun, and confronted the group in Bell's car as they tried to pull off. No gun was recovered.

Of the 50 shots, 31 came from Detective Michael Oliver (photo above).

Sources said the new witness is actually an old one who failed to give cops the information when first interviewed.

"I guess his conscience got to him and he wanted to tell all he knew," one law-enforcement source said.

According to the New York Post, “the witness heard a car crash as he was dumping trash on Liverpool Street in Jamaica. When he turned to inspect the commotion, the sources said, he witnessed part of the shooting - including a gunman, who he did not believe was a police officer, firing in the direction of the cops.”

It remains to be seen if this new witness is going to prove believable and what impact that testimony will have on the Grand Jury.

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