Tuesday, January 2, 2007

NJ Congressman Supports Somali Jihad

It turns out that 9 term Congressman, Donald Payne (D-NJ) serving the 10th Congressional District (pictured left) opposes the Ethiopia’s assisting the Baidoa-based Transitional Federal Government in Somalia and helping route the Islamic forces there.

Apparently Rep Payne would prefer an Islamic state in Somalia, what al Qaeda’s called , “The southern garrison of al Qaeda.”

What else could he have meant when he said this;

The invasion of Somalia by Ethiopian forces, despite claims of invitation by the weak Baidoa-based Transitional Federal Government, only leads to more suffering and instability in the Horn of Africa region. United Nations Security Council resolution 1725 clearly stated that "all Member States, in particular those in the region, should refrain from any action in contravention of the arms embargo and related measures."

“Using military force instead of negotiations is a deliberate and ill-advised measure that will further destabilize and increase the suffering of the Somali people. I strongly condemn this aggression and call for the immediate withdrawal of Ethiopian and all foreign forces from Somalia.“

The African Union and the Arab League have called for Ethiopian and all foreign troops to immediately leave Somalia. Unfortunately, the inaction by the United Nations Security Council has once again failed the helpless people of Somalia.”

Apparently Rep Payne fails to realize that America is NOT at war with “Terrorism” or al Qaeda, or even “radical Islam,” it’s very much at war with the global forces of Sharia-based Islam and those forces, wherever they are, are very much at war with us.

Moreover, besides the FACT that the UN had, through passing Resolution 1725, which forbade the Somali transitional government from buying arms to defend itself, as the world's Islamic nations illicitly smuggled weapons, troops, and funds to their throat slitting cohorts in order to impose the oppressive Sharia Law upon those Rep. Payne calls "the helpless people of Somalia".

And it’s not as though overwhelmingly Christian Ethiopia and Somalia’s Muslims have had much peace and stability recently as the Islamists have long called for a holy war (jihad) against Ethiopian troops in Baidoa.



What Americans like Rep Payne need to understand is what the Sharia-adhering Muslims already know, that while the West “Lives for life, we (the Muslims) live to die.”

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