Sunday, January 14, 2007

Myopia in England

England is in the midst of combating a jihad within its midst and yet a few dozen Leftist protesters protested outside Coliseum against Ballerina Simone Clarke a member of the British National Party (BNP).

Of course the protest, organized by a group called “Unite Against Fascism,” only galvanized support for Clarke’s free speech rights, "They talk about their freedom, but what about ours?," said secretary June Mitchell, 58. "She shouldn't stand down because of her political beliefs."

"I will be known as the BNP ballerina. I think that will stick with me for life," she told the Mail on Sunday newspaper. "I would rather it wasn't like that but I don't regret anything. I will stay a member.

"I have been labeled a racist and a fascist because I have a view on immigration -- and I mean mass immigration -- but isn't that something that a lot of people worry about?"

Clarke’s 100% right, many Britons, a vast majority support severe restrictions on immigration to England.

It’s a sad day when common sense is assailed by self-destructive dimwits, like those in the Unite Against Fascism.

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