Monday, January 15, 2007

The Duke Case Gives Clear Window into the Leftist Fantasy View of Crime

No sooner had the charges in the Duke Rape case been made, than the Group of 88 (88 Duke Professors, mostly from the African American Studies and other “humanities” programs) signed onto a letter condemning the Duke Lacrosse (LAX) players and demanding the “swift justice” that Durham DA Michael Nifong had promised.

It seemed immaterial that the Durham police found the accuser’s account unreliable, given the multiple accounts of the alleged rape.

Mike Nifong quickly took the investigation away from the police and then refused to question the accuser (a woman with a long history of mental and emotional problems and at least one similar false accusation) until December.

In the intervening months Nifong rode the role of “crusader for racial justice” to an election victory as Durham County D.A.

As soon as Nifong did interview the accuser the rape charges were dropped.

That same month Nifong came under investigation by the NC Bar Association for ethics violations involving both inflammatory comments he made to the media back in April, engineering a rigged line-up and for withholding vital information (DNA evidence) from the Duke LAX defense team.

The rape accusation has been suspect from the very start.

Even the second dancer (Kim Roberts) has said the rape charge was a “crock,” adding that the women were “not apart for more than five minutes.”

Surely there was under-aged drinking at the LAX party and the guys apparently breeched their contract with what both dancers took as a threatening comment by one of the players, but apparently nothing went on that rose to the level of criminality that occurred that night.

The rape charge seems to have stemmed from a money dispute, the women looking to leave after they claimed the LAX players breeched their contract after about ten minutes, while the guys wanted most of their money back. The women’s view can be summed it in what Kim Roberts stated, “They ripped themselves off when they started hollering about a broomstick." (alleging that one of the players hoisted a broomstick and uttered a threat).

Still, the rape charge itself seems, just what Kim Roberts said it was, “a crock,” while the other charges (sexual assault and kidnapping) seem just as ludicrous.

But this case played into, not only Nifong’s plans for re-election, but one of the Left-wing’s favorite fantasies, that of “racist, privileged white criminals going unpunished.”

The Group of 88 (88 Left-wing Professors from Duke) disgraced themselves and Duke University far more than the incident itself did,

For a group of Professors to so utterly fail to understand the presumption of innocence is untenable.

Worse yet is the kind of hyperbole some of the members engaged in. According to Karla Holloway (one of the Group of 88), innocence and guilt, she maintains, must be “assessed through a metric of race and gender. White innocence means black guilt. Men’s innocence means women’s guilt.”

Karla Holloway’s sentiments are echoed every day by the many on the Left.

The LAX players certainly6 exercised poor judgment in even allowing the two strippers into their frat house (some have alleged the dancers were drunk when they arrived) and exercised even poorer judgment in getting into a money dispute with these two women out in the street, but the ONLY crimes that appear to have been committed in this case were the accuser’s filing a false report and Nifong’s many abuses of the law.

North Carolina’s Bar Association is rightfully investigating Mike Nifong for his many abuses of the law in the pursuit of an apparently wrongful prosecution motivated by personal political gain.

Once again, as the prurient Leftist fantasy fades away, reality shines its stark, bright light, exposing the fact that the real racists and bigots are, as usual, on the Left.


Anonymous said...

I have four boys and my older two have already gotten letters from several colleges. We've talked about Duke and the way the university threw these kids to the wolves.

Even though these Duke boys are 18 and 19, they are still kids and not experienced with organized racists and feminists groups.

People talk about the actions of normal boys wanting to see naked women, but no one is emphasizing the actions of the Duke88 who sacrificed their own students at the whim of an attacking mob.

JMK said...

Absolutely right about the Duke 88!

Their actions were not only disgraceful, but unprofessional, especially for tenured College profesors.

I think Duke President Brodhead was caught in a tough situation - the McFadyen email came out at the start of all this and added a lot of fuel to this fire and prompted Coach Pressler's resignation.

President Brodhead didn't offer much support for the players, but he didn't join with the "group of 88" who condemned them, either.

Now he's joined the chorus that's calling for Mike Nifong's disbarment and removal from office.

Certainly the evidence clearly supports that view NOW, and probably would have much earlier, had Nifong's office interviewed the stripper/accuser back in April, rather than December.

You make a good point about the level of maturity of 18 to 20 year old boys, so here's something EVERY parent has to consider - this kind of thing COULD HAPPEN at just about ANY College campus today, as those institutions seem disproportionately peopled by the likes of the misguided folks in the "group of 88" than those in Duke's Economics Department, which recently defended the rule of law and condmened the "rush to judgment" in this case.

Thankfully, most DAs don't have either the agenda and total lack of moral scrupples that Mike Nifong has exhibited, but that should also give people pause for thought - your life, your future in the hands of some political hack seeking re-election. (SCARY)

It seems that both parents and Colleg age students NEED to remain vigilant against this sort of abuse.

PMC said...

This case also shows how the black community will almost always support a black person making allegations against (rich) whites. Even though it was pretty clear (to me) that no rape had taken place in this case, Nifong won his election just based on the fact that he was supporting a black female who was making false allegations against 3 rich white boys. The black community, as a whole, doesn't care about the facts, they are just "anti-white"

JMK said...

pmc, that certainly seems to be the case here, though I'd still call Nifong the "LEAD VILLAIN" in all this.

It was he who took the investigation out of police hands.

It was he who refused to interview the accuser for nine months.

It was he who rigged the line-up.

It was he who made inflammatory comments to the media, insinuating the players should talk without counsel, implying that "only guilty people" get lawyers.

It was he who kept vital DNA evidence from the Defense.

And he did it all for his own naked political gain.

The accuser is obviously a woman with a history of mental and emotional problems, Nifong has no such excuse.

He's vile scum who deliberately engaged in a malicious prosecution for his own gain.

Nifong needs to be disbarred and removed from office!

The accuser needs a stay in a mental institution.

Nicholas said...

Dear Mr. Kearney,

Nice blog, "neighbor." (I'm over in Queens, where half my neighbors are NYPD and FDNY, including guys who were on the job, but switched to your side of the street.) Below is a link to an article of mine that VDARE published that may be of interest to you and your readers.


Nicholas Stix

JMK said...


I'll check out the article right away.

I spent nineteen years in the Bronx and the one place I swore I'd never work was Queens (coming from Staten Island I always get lost there), but I've been working there the past two years.

I guess it's true, "Never say never."

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