Saturday, January 20, 2007

Could It Be? Bias-related Rape Spree Goes Uncovered by the Mainstream Media...

One of the few outlets to touch on an incredible story of a black on white rape spree has been The Baytown Sun (( of Baytown Texas, the town where this bizarre rape spree’s occurred, Cindy Horswell’s December 16th, 2006 article in the Houston Chronicle ( and in the blogosphere, Nicholas Stix (A Different Drummer - ( has done an excellent job of relating the full story.

What is known about this highly unusual case is that the rapist, a large black male, attacks only smaller, young (18 to 21 y/o) white men and also robs his victims. He’s victimized at least five young white men, so far, though local police believe the number to be higher as they believe that many of the victims have been too ashamed to come forward.

Nicholas Stix notes, “In an December 18th story, Houston-based Associated Press reporter Joe Stinebaker refused to identify the race of the Baytown rapist’s victims, even though they were almost surely chosen based on their race, and knowing that the black rapist attacks only smallish, frail, young white men is an essential piece of information for potential victims to protect themselves, and for residents to look out for, in preventing further rape/robberies, and possibly helping to catch the assailant.”

Surely the race of the attacker would’ve been a central part of the story had the races of victim and attacker been reversed! Yet here, the AP doesn’t consider the races of the victims and attackers pertinent at all, hmmmm.

Moreover with the attacker as yet apprehended it is unknown what diseases the victims have been subjected to, from some of the more virulent STDs to HIV.

Ironically enough, despite the fact that the attacker(s) are black and the victims are all white, there is no talk of “racist hate-crimes,” “bias- crimes,” or civil rights violations in this case.

Baytown (areial view above left) is a small (appx. 66,000) Texas town in the penninsular near Galveston. It’s primarily dominated by oil refineries and chemical plants.

According to the AP story, local police seem perplexed, "‘I wish we had a link between the victims, because we might have a better chance of catching him,’ said Lt. Richard Whitaker of the police department in Baytown, where took of the attacks took place. ‘We don't have any affirmative links at all.’”

An interesting quote considering that all the victims have been described as, “white, smallish, frail, between the ages of 18 and 21, and mostly students living in their parents’ homes,” while the attacker(s) have been described as “a light-skinned black male, clean-cut and nicely dressed, in his late 20s. He stands 5-foot-6 to 6 feet tall and weighs about 200 pounds.”

The fact that a police spokesman would assert that there are “no affirmative links” in such a case isn’t very surprising considering that most police departments have been inundated with “sensitivity training” and political correctness, to the point that there is often very little difference between statement from a police spokesman and a copy editor at the NY Times or the Associated Press.

The most surprising, even shocking thing about this story is that homosexual rape is generally considered rare outside of prisons and inter-racial rapes are even more rare.
There’s absolutely no question that had the races of the victims and attackers been reversed this would be a national news story, the fact that it’s not even been reported by the major news outlets is troubling to say the least.


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