Friday, December 22, 2006

Now Duke University's President Wants Nifong to Step Down!

After initially jumping in on the side rushing to judgment, now Duke University's President (Richard Brodhead) is joining calls for Mike Nifong to resign!

Nifong should be disbarred for violating the law he was elected to uphold.

For that reason, anything short of disbarment for Mike Nifong would be a grave injustice.
He deliberately and calously used (and possibly manipulated) an inflamatory charge brought forward by an angry (the Duke party didn’t refused to pay the full fare for their abreviated “act”) and unstable (family acknowledges she’s bipolar) accuser who changed her story to investigators no less than five times for his own naked political gain.

Nifong has wantonly and needlessly wounded the city of Raleigh, NC, Duke University, the three apparently innocent men he’s dragged through this process and race relations nationwide, for his own personal gain.

Nifong withheld vital information from the defense (the initial DNA results) and set up a line-up that was not within legal limits - he’s bent, folded and otherwise broken the law.

Allowing him to resign and keep his law license would be a travesty of justice. He should be disbarred first and THEN forced from office on the grounds that he no longer has the required law license to serve in that capacity.

Two great bloggers on this are LaShawn Barber

and K C Johnson at Durham-in-Wonderland

LaShawn Barber has a great article on these new developments at;

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