Saturday, December 23, 2006

De Facto Whiteness and Black Racism

There have been a number of high profile shootings in New York City and until the November 24th, 2006 Sean Bell shooting, none even came close to fitting the demographics needed to claim “bias” by the anti-Police crowd.

On July 24th, 2006 an NYPD officer shot a man at Brooklyn Bar-B-Q after a scuffle broke out between police and revelers who refused to comply with directives a noise complaint. In the brief scuffle, a patron (28 y/o Robert Ramirez) hit one of the cops in the back of the head with a metal scooter and that cop’s partner then shot Ramirez, who was taken to the hospital and listed in critical but stable condition with a chest wound.

In early October a man who was holding a knife to the throat of a 54 y/o woman was shot and killed by NYPD Police when he refused to drop his weapon.

In late October, a police sergeant shot an armed man in the face early Friday morning after he backed a stolen car into an officer and broke her leg in three places, authorities said.

Both the man and the officer were hospitalized in stable condition.

The incident occurred near 4 a.m. while the sergeant, the female officer and a third officer (all in uniform) were searching for stolen cars police said.

The officers discovered a parked 2003 black Lexus that had the wrong license plates. After running a check of the vehicle's identification number, they learned it had been car-jacked at gunpoint the previous week from a car dealership in Queens and they decided to wait for the driver to return, police stated.

Earlier that same day, Seargent James Rector was returning home from his job in NYPD Recruitment, when he passed a Brooklyn Housing Project where he spotted a man holding a gun to the head of a kneeling man. Rector identified himself and ordered the man with the gun to drop his weapon, where upon the gunman wheeled and fired at Rector striking him in the ankle and hitting his cell phone on his belt. Seargent Rector was able to return fire, with eleven rounds, striking and killing 17 year old Eric Hines.

In this case, as well, the demographics were not suitable for demagoguery, as both Hines and Rector are both black.

Even in the recent Sean Bell shooting three of the five officers who fired their weapons were minorities. The undercover officer, who confronted their car and was clipped by it, initiating the shooting, was black.

These facts are overlooked by race-hustlers like Al Sharpton and Charles Barron (a former Black Panther, now a Brooklyn Councilman)) by their declaring that these minority officers “think Blue, not black,” a claim that seems to indict all minority police officers as “de facto whites.”

This is hardly a new tact.

Black Conservatives have been assailed in that exact way since the days of S B Fuller was assailed by the NAACP in the mid-1960s.

When a NY cartoonist ran overtly racist cartoons depicting Michael Steele in the most derogatory ways, the NAACP was silent, when detractors threw Oreo cookies at him, many Liberals and many in the "Black establishment" implied that he “deserved this” for his Conservative views.

Likewise Condoleezza Rice has been lampooned by syndicated kooks like Ted Rall in the most racially derogatory ways without any squawk from the NAACP or other such groups. Harry Belafonte called her a “house nigger” a few years back, again seeming to indict her as “de facto white.” One of Dave Chapelle’s skits, the “racial auction,” puts this view across in comedic style – the whites claimed Colin Powell and the black delegation agreed “on the condition that they also take Condoleeza Rice.”

Funny, but the sentiments expressed are all too true for some.

It is approaching Christmas 2006 and while Mssrs. Sharpton and Barron are still marching in protest of the Sean Bell shooting, two black NYPD Detectives (Rodney Andrews and James Nemorin) murdered taking guns off the streets of NYC, were buried and their killer convicted, Neither Sharpton, nor Barron could find the time to make either Funeral or condemn the killing.

But the likes of Sharpton and Barron have never attended such events for whites, apparently even de facto whites.

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