Monday, September 4, 2017

If You're an American Who Loves America, Your Government HATES....YOU!

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Jerry Drake Varnell

Right, Left, or Center, black, or white, if you are a pro-America American citizen, your government sees YOU as a threat.

This is an interesting video for a number of reasons, especially in that it discusses a recent case that has largely flown under the media radar, that of Jerry Drake Varnell, a 23-year-old diagnosed schizophrenic, accused of attempting to bomb a bank, in Oklahoma City. The details of Varnells's FBI-inspired actions are so close to those of Timothy McVeigh’s and the Nichols brothers, that it was a story barely covered by most of the American media. Varnell's parents claim their son was "extremely mentally ill," a diagnosed schizophrenic, whom the FBI "groomed" and used as a dupe to stir fears of widespread "Right-wing terror." ( It's at least "interesting" that neither Timothy McVeigh, nor Micah Johnson (the Dallas Police shooter) lived long enough to talk. Micah Johnson was shot at the scene and McVeigh was muzzled and executed more quickly than anyone since the 1950s!

Here's how CNN reported the Varnell story ( mention of the fact that the FBI used a severely mentally ill man as a dupe, here's how The Guardian covered the SAME story ( on the SAME day! You can decide which outlet is more of an enemy of the people.

This video also chronicles Democratic Operative, Scott Foval, boasting about using "mentally ill people" to perpetrate violence at rallies and protests. These are NOT merely "Party fanatics, these are active government operatives with ties to our political-media class.

Perhaps because you can't trust much of anything to Terry McAulife, Charlottesville appeared STAGED right from the start. It WASN’T supposed to look that obviously staged!

Those suspicions have only grown stronger over time.

Charlottesville Police claim they were ordered to “bring the two opposing groups together,” then "Stand Down."

Two of the three leading figures of this allegedly growing "white supremacist movement" have ties to our political-media class and to Leftist groups like the Occupy movement, from Jason Kessler (an Obama supporter and Occupy movement member UNTIL November of 2016; and Mike "Enoch" Peinovich an Upper East Sider from New York with a Jewish wife, look like perfect plants. The SAME recruiters do the SAME with the other side. Many leading Antifa and BLM leaders have come from Prep School, suburban, non-radical backgrounds, some of them with documented histories of mental and emotional issues.

This is NOT the way any responsible government SHOULD act.

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