Sunday, June 18, 2017

WHY Are so Many Leftists, Such Miserable, Dysfunctional People?

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Michael Moore and Rosie O'Donnell

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Whoopi Goldberg

In the post-mortem of Congressional shooter James T. Hodgkinson, it's come out that his was a very unhappy and unaccomplished life, with repeated and long-term frustrations such as his foster child's suicide. Hodgkinson had failed to finish his education, let his business license lapse and had a record of repeated arrests.

I've been struck by the unhappy, dysfunctional lives of many far-Left characters, from Rose O'Donnell to Whoopi Goldberg, to New York City's current Mayor Bill DeBlasio.

While most of us go by our own anecdotal evidence. That's NOT the case when looking at public figures like Michael Moore, Rose O'Donnell, Madonna and others, where we can clearly see that those who had unhappy, abusive and dysfunctional childhoods tend to be far-Leftists.

I've also noted SOME of the same from some religious Right "secret" lives
 that are inconsistent with their stated views.

Some might say that it could better be argued that, "We all have our problems," and while that's true, it's also misleading, in that the most seriously dysfunctional people tend to lean Left...those physically and sexually abused in childhood, etc.

Some point to Nazis and Neo-Nazis as "troubled far-Right" people, but the vast majority of them are ardent Socialists.

In fact, those folks are far more TRUE, or authentic Socialists than any on the far-Left. ALL Socialism is rooted in authoritarianism.

That’s why the AntiFa and BLM scum are so ardently opposed to freedom of speech.

It's also why Gregor Strasser, a leading member of Hitler's Third Reich, the man credited with reorganizing the NSDAP could so easily and publicly proclaim this, "We are Socialists, enemies, mortal enemies of the present capitalist economic system with its exploitation of the economically weak, with its injustice in wages, with its immoral evaluation of individuals according to wealth and money instead of responsibility and achievement, and we are determined under all circumstances to abolish this system!"

The TRUTH is that Nazis are devout Leftists at heart. That’s why there was no inconsistency with the Nazi-Stabber from Portland, OR (Jeremy Christian) being BOTH a Nazi and an ardent Bernie Sanders supporter.

Miserable, dysfunctional people are as attracted to Authoritarianism as successful, well adjusted people seem to be attracted to economic liberty (free markets and private property rights, etc.) unbridled freedom of expression, the innate right and responsibility of violent self-defense, etc.

It often seems that Leftism/"Progressivism" is a worldview stemming from a misanthropy born of wanting others to share one's own unquenchable inner unhappiness.

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