Thursday, June 8, 2017

One of the Best Books...(perhaps THE BEST Book)...About the FDNY...

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...Was penned by a Psychologist from Bellvue Hospital. (…/dp/0515100528/ref=tmm_mmp_swatch_0…
) least in my humble opinion.

Written back in 1989, Dr.Peter A. Micheels interviewed dozens of legendary firefighters, from Dan Tracy, Gus Beekman the first black Chief-of-Department and the second black Fire Commissioner, through Richard and Jack Fanning, Joe Nardone, then Captain George Eysser and his brother Herb Eysser, Lee Ielpi, John Vigiano, the great Chief and expert on building collapses Vincent Dunn and Matty Farrell, then a Deputy Chief, soon to become Manhattan Borough Commander, along with numerous others. The result was the book titled, "Braving the Flames."

It's a GREAT work because those interviewed speak in their own unique voices and give their own unique perspectives on "the greatest job in the world." Absolutely AWESOME stories, some self-effacing, some humorous accounts of a first meal, or first fire...ALL of them great reads.

These are accounts from many of the true legends from the heyday of the FDNY!

It's sad that this GREAT book has become a forgotten classic.

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